Judd Trump beats Mark Selby in a 10-8 thriller final – China Open 2011

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  • Judd Trump beats Mark Selby in a 10-8 thriller final – China Open 2011

Judd Trump beats Mark Selby in a 10-8 thriller final – China Open 2011

The 21-year-old young ace, Judd Trump, has beaten Mark Selby by a frame score of 10-8 in the best-of-nineteen frames final match of Bank of Beijing World Snooker China Open Tournament held at Beijing Students’ University Gymnasium on Sunday. For Trump it is his first-ever championship title.

The Jester from Leicester, Mark Selby, who was looking for his second major title, has succumbed in the final. However, Judd Trump on the same note produced a high-quality game throughout the game to lift his first-ever snooker title. The overall score-line between the players was 104-0, 21-101, 76-46, 104-0, 34-90, 69-53, 67-39, 65-66, 89-49, 0-132, 0-66, 113-0, 0-134, 66-40, 72-40, 7-124, 31-84, 60-49 and 57-41.

In the opening frame, Trump started with a straightforward fashion by producing a mind-boggling century break of 104 to draw the first blood 1-0. Selby responded in the second with a classy break of 88 before Trump again pocketed the following third and fourth in a row to lead by 3-1. He also showcased another century break of 104 in the fourth.

He was also the first one to be among the balls in the fifth frame but this time he lost control of his concentration, breaking down on 30 and when the chance gifted itself, Selby slotted a magnificent break of 90 to come within one frame at 3-2.

There was an opposite story in the sixth frame, as this time Selby had a frame-winning chance but he lost his nerves after rolling in 53 points and was punished from his opponent who fired up a decisive break of 55 to lead by 4-2 before the interval.

After the interval, Trump again dominated the first frame with a dominant break of 61 before Selby clawed back with a 62 in the following seventh. Ninth frame also went Trump’s way, as he produced a superb break of 68 in it to lead by 6-3.

Next four frames were over within a blink of an eye, as the players produced back to back century breaks, 132, 66, 113 and 134, in them.

Selby, who was trailing his opponent by 6-3, bounced back into the game and pocketed the tenth and eleventh frame with fabulous breaks of 132 and 66. Trump also showed his break-building skills and took the twelfth with a marvellous century break of 113 before Selby compiled another outclass match-highest century break of 134 in the thirteenth to reduce the deficit at 7-6.

Fourteenth frame was a scrappy affair. A bout of safety play was seen among the players but in the end it was Trump who came on the top to lead by 8-6. In the following fifteenth frame the world’s number four, Selby, lightened up another superb century break of 124 and also won the sixteenth to level the things by 8-8.

It looked as if Selby, with this confidence, might even win but it turned opposite, as Trump regained his nerves and finished the matter off by winning the next two frames in a row. He made decisive breaks of 57 and 57 in both frames to lift his careers’ first trophy.


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