John Terry: Fabio Capello was wrong to sack me

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  • John Terry: Fabio Capello was wrong to sack me

John Terry: Fabio Capello was wrong to sack me

John Terry the captain of Chelsea has been handed the arm band for England once again, but the England centre back is playing with fire by criticising Capello’s decision to sack him earlier on. Terry has insisted that Fabio Capello was out of line in stripping him of captaincy in the first place.

The New England captain was relieved of his duties more than a year ago just before the world cup. It was his relationship former Chelsea and England team mate Wayne Bridge’s former partner, that became public and Capello said he had no option but to take the captaincy away from him.

However the Italian has taken a U-Turn and handed the captaincy back to Terry ahead of the Euro 2012 qualifier against Wales this weekend.

The decision to reappoint Terry as England captain was met by reports that there were number of players in England camp, who were not too comfortable with the decision. However Terry was quick to clarify that there is no truth to those rumours, and the whole team is behind him.

John Terry has always been dubbed as a man who has leadership abilities built in him. He also led Chelsea to three Premier League titles, and is insistent that Capello made a bad call in taking the captaincy away from him.

"I accepted their decision. It doesn't mean to say I agreed with it, and I never will," Terry was quoted as saying in The Daily Mirror. "That's me being very proud and having been honest with them”.

Terry added that he did not agree with the decision at the time, he went on to say that he did tell Capello and his assistant Franco Baldini on their face that they had made the wrong decision. But at the same time did tell them that he respected their decision and will continue to work hard in the team as a player.


"I could understand it a little bit, but once they spoke to me - and it's difficult for legal reasons to go into detail - I just felt I didn't deserve to lose the armband." Said Terry

Fabio Capello the manager of England told the team of his decision during a training session for the national team. Naturally there would be few players who may not be in total agreement with the decision, but Capello admitted that this is how things are in a team and will not effect their performance.

John Terry said that all the players in England team play for different clubs all year long, and it is only natural for some to harbour different feelings as far as the captaincy is concerned. Terry added that he would appreciate it if anyone who has any issues with his captaincy can come up to him personally. But for now he feels that he has total support of the team.

England’s captaincy has been an issue for a while, back in the 2006 world cup David Beckham was the captain. Even then there were number of critics who believed that David Beckham was the captain purely because of his glamorous pull rather than his ability on the pitch. As soon as Steve McLaren took over the England job he relived Beckham of his duties and handed it to John Terry. When Capello took over there were doubts about him keeping faith with Terry, but he did give his vote of confidence to the centre back. But following the events of last year Capello appointed Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand the captain for the World Cup. But he was not able to take his job in South Africa has he had to fly home due to an injury even before the tournament began. Steven Gerrard ended up captaining England in the World Cup, now with Ferdinand once again out with an injury. John Terry has the responsibility once again, and immediate results will decide if this will be an interim appointment or a permanent one.  


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