John Cena makes a comeback worth the hype

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  • John Cena makes a comeback worth the hype

Sparks flew at Pittsburg inside the Consol Energy Center filled with the capacity crowd of over 20,000 fans on this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW where every single encounter proved worth the moment.

The most promising star present in the WWE, John Cena was interviewed via satellite by WWE official correspondent over his upcoming match for the WWE Championship. The Commander-in-Chief of the Cenation army suggested that he had been calm against The Miz but it was the time for him to turn the tables, the taste of which The Miz will experienced two weeks from now at the greatest Grand slam of the year, Wrestlemania XXVII. In response to a question asked regarding The Rock, John Cena insisted that he had just one mission on his head and that to get the title back from The Miz and any superstar, be it Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or anyone else whosoever comes his way will be crushed brutally.

It seems that The Celtic Warrior has regained his lost glory, which he proved in his non-title match against Evan Bourne. The athletic Bourne tried everything he could to put down Shaemus, who was too sharp to be beaten; ending the match by delivering a big boot to the skull of Bourne. After the match, the former United States Champion Daniel Bryan came out to the ring and called for a rematch at Wrestlemania by invoking his rematch cause to which the Irishman readily accepted by leveling him on the spot.

Two of the most electrifying superstars in the WWE, John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler clashed in an enthralling one-on-one match. It involved severe interjection of drop kicks, leg drop and periodic punches from both the parties and just when Morrison was about to lay Star-ship pane over Ziggler, Trish Stratus quarreled with Lay Cool at ringside, allowing referee to end the match in no contest. This made the anonymous Raw General Manager calling a 4-on-2 mixed handicap match with the team of John Morrison and Trish Stratus taking on Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero and Lay Cool. With the immense amount of assistance from his counterparts, Dolph Ziggler was able to pin John Morrison via his submission maneuver as Trish looked helplessly downside.

The capacity crowd at Consol Energy Center was stunned when Triple H’s music hit the arena out of nowhere.  The Cerebral Assassin called out The Undertaker to next week at Raw, stating that he wanted to face The Deadman chest-to-chest before the greatest match of his career gets underway. Just as The Game was on the move, Ted DiBiase intervened by telling Hunter that before moving further, he had to defeat greats like him. Triple H wasted no time to overpower DiBiase out of the ring, followed by a pedigree over the announcing table, sending a possible message to The Undertaker of what might his fate turns out to be at this year’s Wrestlemania.

Little did The Corre know of the consequences of getting their hands on the deadly giants in WWE, The Big Show and Kane. Just when Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater were battling out former Tag Team Champions, Santion Marella and Vladimir Kozlov, the duo of demons prevailed over The Corre  by ambushing them and destroy each member completely, resulting in the match to be ended in their favor.

WWE Champion, The Miz was introduced to the ring by the new Vice President of Corporate Communications, Alex Riley who praised the Champion and his greatness. The Miz demonstrated another act of awesomeness by holding his WWE Title with ‘W’ written on it upside down, making it read like ‘M’ and said that this belt was made for him. As he was continuing with his self-grandeur qualities, John Cena who was actually thought of being at his home came running down to the ring and assaulted the champion and his “VP of Corporate Communications” and struck back with an Attitude Adjustment followed by cross-face lock as revenge to intrigues caused by The Miz for three consecutive weeks.