Joey Pickels earns his long-time goal with a 19 over-par

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  • Joey Pickels earns his long-time goal with a 19 over-par

Joey Pickels earns his long-time goal with a 19 over-par

Joey Pickels finally achieved what he wanted, despite the heavy winds and lethal rains.

The Turtle Bay Resort Hawaii State Open ended in Tadd Fujikawa hands, but deep down the leader board, Joey Pickels made his first cut after playing his first professional tourney.

Did he want this? It was more like his goal.

“Making the cut had been a highly exciting experience for me, it was an exhilarating experience” said the young golfer.

According to reports, the 17-year-old golfer accomplished what he set out for with a game of focused swings and original drives. Pickels ended his first round with an impressive lowest score from the 3-round event and carded a 76 in contention for the cut. The first round of the event witnessed the golfer collecting a total of 4 bogeys to eventually end on a 4 over mark.

However, the second round came with more than just lethal competition and  decided to offer high winds to Pickels for the brawl. The second round of the tourney thus handed out some tough playing conditions to the tied cult and started with Pickels tied at the 48th place.

For Pickels, it hadn’t been easy. His ball treaded a path of its own and made him more nervous by the minute. But despite the haywire conditions, the 17-year-old golfer managed to card a 77 and collected a one over from his previous round’s play. He recorded a total score of 153 with a 9 over in his score card.

“The course presented some windy conditions so that made my play very tough. I was happy though because my score had been pretty good despite the fact that I was nervous and it was pretty windy” said Pickels.

Of course Pickels nervousness did get to him which he accepted later on and added that the scores might have been much lower had he kept his nerves under control.

However, ignoring his nervousness on the fields, one can surely marvel on how he managed to fight off others. The score had been good enough after the round two and he grabbed a position above the projected cut line, fighting off those who were hoping to knock him out.

Moving on, the third round of the event included only those golfers who had been able to make the cut. With Pickels successful in his goal, the young golfer stepped into the third day of the tournament with a total of 54 more golfers to play the State Open.

Opposite to the second round plan that attacked golfers with lethal winds, the third round of the tournament had something else in mind-rain. Sources say that the management had been near to close in cancelling the third round of the match but decided to initiate the play after a long three hour delay.

The play began with a shot gun format at 10:30 in the morning and  observed Pickels fighting off every soggy field possible.

He collected a total of 82 at the last round of the tournament and managed to record a massive 10 over the par. With his highest score at the last round of the event, the young golfer grabbed a 52nd place at the leader board with a total of 19 over par and 235 strokes.  

“It felt really good when I played against one few the most competitive golfers around” said Pickels.

In the coming months, the young prodigy has plans on heading to play in the PGA qualifier.


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