Jenson Button unfazed by Malaysian heat

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  • Jenson Button unfazed by Malaysian heat

Jenson Button unfazed by Malaysian heat

Formula one 2011 season if underway and the first race of the season in Australia did give many indicators as to which way the season may be heading. Still there are a lot more to do before any serious title contenders can be singled out.  Sebastian Vettel won the first race of the season with clear margin and has staked a claim of defending his world championship.

Jenson Button the 2009 champion is clearly one of the contenders for the title this year, and even though he did not have the best season opener. He is determined to improve in the next race at Malaysia.

The Malaysian Grand Prix is sure to be one of the toughest one of the season, and will test the physical ability of the drivers. Jenson Button believes that he is up to the challenge and is looking forward to the weekend.

Button who has been in the sport for a while, said that being in a race that asks the drivers to bring in the physical aspect of their game is nothing new for him. He added that he has been working hard on his fitness for a while, and he is even more fitter than he was last year. The 2009 champion said that with age some drivers tend to get slower and less agile, but he is fitter than he was even five years ago. And on a stretch he can go on to drive 100 laps in searing heat without any problems.

The phenomenal physical shape of Button can be attributed to two main things. It is no secret that the Brit works extremely hard on his fitness and works out almost 5 hours per day when he is not burning rubber on the track.  Button also follows a highly demanding low-carb diet, that has been tailored to fit the needs of an F1 driver.

The former Brawn GP driver makes sure that his physical condition is kept razor sharp, and makes sure that he takes part in activities such as swimming competitions , cycling and triathlons. He took part in a triathlon soon after the Australian Grand Prix, and has been working hard on a strict nutritional programme.

"I work out a lot," says Jenson. "I need to be fit to do my job and a fit body results in a fit mind. However, I've benefited almost as much through improving my diet. It's a cliché, but we are what we eat and I've worked hard with a nutritionist to ensure that I'm eating the right things at the right time of day”. Said Button.



During the race the drivers lose a lot of fluid, and the only inlet of liquid is the water bottle strapped in at the back of the seat. All drivers will need to utilise the water to its maximum capacity, as they will be driving in temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Jenson Button did not have the best season last year, and that had a lot to do with McLaren not being able to match rivals in terms of speed and upgrades. The rivalry between Button and teammate Lewis Hamilton also had a part to play. The pre season testing sessions also suggested that McLaren was some distance away from matching the rivals Ferrari and Red Bull, but the performance in the first race by both drivers will give the team a lot of heart. 


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