It’s Not Time Yet for Retirement Marquez...You Still Are the Champ!

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  • It’s Not Time Yet for Retirement Marquez...You Still Are the Champ!

After he was defeated again by Pacquiao, Marquez has said that he might consider retiring. Whoa! That’s quite news for his fans and even for not-his-fans. You can’t deny that Marquez indeed is a great fighter and he has the charisma to entertain us by putting up a good fight. Maybe Marquez is feeling abashed after losing the fight with Manny since it was considered to be the fight of the champ. His fans were chanting for him and they thought that this time their champ will make them proud. Unfortunately he couldn’t and Manny through a unanimous decision. Well, the result soon became controversial and the internet was flooded with judgements from fans and former fighters. There was a whole lot of debate over the fight. Most fans of Marquez thought he even though Manny was declared the winner by the judges, Marquez was the winner for the crowd. But, the real question here is, does that matter to Marquez? It seems like it doesn’t.

Marquez has always been a true warrior and he knows how the sport can get at times. He has the sportsman spirit to cope up with false decisions or weak decisions. And so, he has coped up with it. However, it seems like he is unable to forget the defeat and step back into the ring again.

If we take a closer look at Marquez’s recent statements, we can easily understand what the champ is going through. It’s simple; he doesn’t want to retire but he feels disgusted over the defeat. Well, if that’s true then my advice is that Marquez should move on. Sticking to the fact that Manny won the trio isn’t going to do anyone any good. Even Frazier lost to Ali. Remember, how badly he wanted to get back into the fight just when his corner said he is done? Frazier had the same reaction as Marquez but he didn’t give up. He fought after that as well and he went to such heights that forced Ali to admit that indeed Frazier was the toughest opponent he had ever faced. That’s how legends are created. Legends don’t back off, legends don’t feel disregarded. They just move on and try to give their best every time they are in the ring.

Yes, it’s true that Marquez has reached his age. He is 38 today but he still has it. He still has what is needed to win. He is the champ even now and he can move on with it. Manny is not the end of the world. There are so many other competitors out there who are willing to fight Marquez and they are no less than Manny. Rick Burns recently said in an interview that he is eager to fight Marquez. He wants to become the WBO lightweight by defeating Marquez. Rick is quite a popular fighter and he is good enough to give Marquez a tough fight. Marquez should look into it. But then again, what if Marquez loses? That’s the question probably popping up in his mind right now. He feels that his rapport has been hurt by the unjust decision and now if he moves on his stars will plummet even more.

We all know that Marquez will any day stand up for a rematch with Manny if Manny accepts it. But, the point is, will it prove anything? What if Marquez loses again? If he loses again it will be a well established fact that Manny is a better fighter. Do you want that Marquez? Fans wouldn’t want that. They liked the controversial decision since it gave them the space to jabber and throw their judgements relentlessly around. So, honestly speaking I don’t think Marquez should look ahead for another bout with Manny. Instead he should move on and fighter others. That’s how boxing works and that’s how it has always been.


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