Is £44m too high a price for Cesc Fabregas? (Part 4)

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  • Is £44m too high a price for Cesc Fabregas? (Part 4)

Is £44m too high a price for Cesc Fabregas? (Part 4) 

Buying Cesc Fabregas is not the best of the ideas for the Catalan Giants. With Thiago Alcantara available to them in the second team, the Spanish Champions can easily give the youngster his first team football from time to time so he can become a player like Xavi Hernandez.

Thiago Alcantara has proven it time and time again that he is an extraordinary talent. Rather than buying Cesc Fabregas for £44million, Barcelona should turn to their youth academy yet again. The Spanish Champions are famous for grooming extraordinary talented players and Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez and the best examples that can be taken from the La Masia.

Barcelona have a lot of midfield options available to them. The Argentinean maestro Lionel Messi falls back to collect the ball in the midfield and that simply adds a player in the heart of the pitch for the Catalan Giants. Moreover, the January signing Ibrahim Afellay can perform his duties in Andres Iniesta’s position and Iniesta can play in the role where Xavi Hernandez performs.

Barcelona don’t really need an expensive midfielder at the moment. The Catalan club desperately needs a centre back more than a centre midfielder as the club captain Carles Puyol is coming of age and is suffering from left knee tendonitis – the same injury that has left the Manchester United midfielder Owen Hargreaves on the bench for the past two years.

With Thiago Alcantara and Ibrahim Afellay on the bench, Barcelona don’t need to spend such high price for Cesc Fabregas. However, despite such a long debate, there is no doubt that Cesc Fabregas’ price tag is absolutely correct.

The Spanish midfielder is the best option available to Arsenal and that is the reason why he is their captain. Moreover, Fabregas is their most expensive asset at the moment and other clubs are eyeing him as well. There was news that Real Madrid and Manchester United wanted the playmaker but Arsenal never really showed much interest.

Arsenal definitely need Cesc Fabregas in case they want to win trophies. The Spaniard is exceptional talent; however, his hamstring injury has kept him away from some action during this season. Barcelona are after the midfielder but they have to watch out for the high price tag that Arsenal have put on him.

This season the market has inflated after the January transfer window was open. Fernando Torres was sold out to Chelsea by Liverpool for £50million. On the other hand, the young Newcastle Englishman Andy Carroll was bought by Liverpool for £35million. These price tags are simply outrageous and if such players can be sold for this high a price, Cesc Fabregas definitely deserves a £44million price tag.

Currently, both the clubs are pondering over the decision. There are definitely differences between the two clubs after the Barcelona youngster Jon Toral was snatched away by Arsenal as they offered him a contact at the age of 16. The Barcelona board is not happy with how the situation was handled and the Englishman joined the North London club because he was offered more money and a contract.

The question is whether Barcelona are willing to pay more than £35million this season? The Barcelona president Sandro Rossell is definitely unwilling; however, the fans really want to see the former Barcelona man back in the Blaugrana outfit.






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