Is £44m too high a price for Cesc Fabregas? (Part 3)

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  • Is £44m too high a price for Cesc Fabregas? (Part 3)

Is £44m too high a price for Cesc Fabregas? (Part 3) 

The answer cannot be given easily. There are two totally opposite decisions that can be taken about Cesc Fabregas. The Spaniard will definitely fit Barcelona’s style of play as Arsenal follow the same pattern on the pitch. However, with so many options for Josep Guardiola already, Fabregas’ introduction in the team is going to make it hard for the Catalan coach to chose.

The perfect position for Cesc Fabregas right now is the one in which Xavi Hernandez performs his duties – centre midfield. Xavi is known as the best midfielder of his era and he has raised the bar for the midfielders all around the globe. Without a doubt, Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta form the best partnership in the midfield alongside Sergio Busquets. However, with Fabregas being included into the team, it is definitely going to be hard for Josep Guardiola to choose from.

There is no doubt that Xavi Hernandez is near his retirement age but the Spaniard has recently said that he wants to continue playing till the FIFA World Cup 2014. The Spanish maestro is the best midfielder available and with Cesc Fabregas in Barcelona, Josep Guardiola is definitely not going to replace Xavi Hernandez for him.

There are a few options available for Barcelona. As Andres Iniesta can perform on the left wing, Cesc Fabregas can easily replace Andres Iniesta as an attacking midfielder and Pedro Rodriguez can sit on the bench. However, the young Pedro has done a lot for the team this season and making him sit on the bench will be equal to wasting an important player of the team. With the help of Pedro Rodriguez, Lionel Messi and David Villa, Barcelona have scored outrageous amount of goals this season – 81 (only in the Spanish La Liga) and still counting.

Another option available for Barcelona is to buy Cesc Fabregas and keep changing him with Xavi Hernandez during the second half. This way the Catalan club can save Xavi Hernandez for bigger matches. However, by doing this, Cesc Fabregas is not going to get the first team games that he deserves; especially after being the captain of a big club like Arsenal.

Another role that Cesc Fabregas can take in the Barcelona first team is of a holding midfielder. Even though Sergio Busquets is doing a fine job in the holding midfield, Cesc Fabregas can also perform his role in that position. However, Barcelona will be wasting two players who can perform in that role far better than Cesc Fabregas – Sergio Busquets and Javier Mascherano. Both the players are simply extraordinary in the holding midfield position.

Looking at the statistics, Sergio Busquets is a very important player for Barcelona. Whenever Sergio Busquets has not started for Barcelona, the Catalan club has suffered as the midfield magician is simply phenomenal at winning the ball in the midfield.

One way in which Barcelona can take good advantage of Cesc Fabregas is by changing the formation to 4-2-3-1. With four defenders, Barcelona can play two holding midfielders just like in the Spanish team. One holding midfielder can be Sergio Busquets and alongside him Xavi Hernandez can perform his role as a box-to-box player. Andres Iniesta can move to the left flank while Lionel Messi can take his position on the right flank. Cesc Fabregas can act as a traditional attacking midfielder like Mesut Ozil in the Madrid team and David Villa can play up front as a sole striker.

Even though this formation looks to satisfy the team’s demands, there is no doubt that Barcelona have already adapted well with their favourite 4-3-3. Moreover, by playing this formation, Barcelona are going to be wasting Pedro Rodriguez yet again – a player who has proven to be of a lot of value for the Catalan Giants this season. 


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