Is £44m too high a price for Cesc Fabregas? (Part 1)

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  • Is £44m too high a price for Cesc Fabregas? (Part 1)

Is £44m too high a price for Cesc Fabregas? (Part 1) 

The Arsenal skipper and the former Barcelona youngster Cesc Fabregas is still torn between two teams – his former club Barcelona and his current team Arsenal. The Arsenal captain was bought from the Catalan club when he was only sixteen years old. The Spaniard worked his way to the top in Arsenal and is now the best player that they have alongside Samir Nasri.

The Arsenal play maker was in the same batch in which Gerard Pique and Lionel Messi played for Barcelona. All three youngsters have emerged to be extraordinary players in their departments. While Lionel Messi is considered to be the best striker and the best player in the world, Gerard Pique is considered to be one of the best defenders in the world. Just like his former team mates, Cesc Fabregas is also considered to be a great midfielder if not the best.

Gerard Pique joined Manchester United when he was young. The young Spaniard learned his ways as a centre back alongside Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand – one of the best centre back pair in the world. As soon as Josep Guardiola joined Barcelona, he decided to call back Gerard Pique to perform his services for the Catalan club. Pique moved back and the move turned out to be a successful as his partnership alongside Carles Puyol turned out to be fruitful for Barcelona. The club won its first treble ever and in total it turned out to be a six trophy haul for Josep Guardiola’s men who were able to make a world record of acquiring all the six trophies that they were competing for.

Just like bringing back Gerard Pique turned out to be a good decision for Barcelona, Josep Guardiola wanted to bring back Cesc Fabregas to the team as well. The Spanish play maker was a part of the plan for the Catalan coach and Guardiola decided to bring him to Barcelona last season.

Barcelona offered £35million for the Arsenal captain but the North London club gave him a price tag of £40million. The Catalan club thought that the price was too high and after a lot of exchange of words, it was decided that Fabregas is going to stay in the English club.

The transfer saga started when the man himself showed desired to move back to his former club. Cesc Fabregas said:

“I’d love to join Barcelona. If I ever leave Arsenal it will be to play for Barcelona. I would like to go, whether they want me or not is another matter.”

With this sort of a statement made by the Arsenal captain, Barcelona’s interest and response was inevitable. The Catalan club started to show Arsenal that they were interested in their best player and kept on dropping indications about signing him over the summer.

Despite the fact that Barcelona desperately needed Fabregas, there was a hurdle between both the parties and that as the FIFA World Cup 2010 which was taking place over the summer. The biggest international football competition took place in South Africa and Cesc Fabregas joined eight of Barcelona first team players in the Spanish squad.

As the tournament started, it was seen that Cesc Fabregas was sitting on the bench with seven Barcelona players getting their opportunity in the Spanish first team – including the young winger Pedro Rodriguez. Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, David Villa and Pedro Rodriguez were all getting their chance to perform in the Spanish squad; however, Fabregas mostly warmed the bench for Vicente Del Bosque.


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