Indubitable action at day four of the 7th IAAF World Youth Championships, July 9th 2011

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  • Indubitable action at day four of the 7th IAAF World Youth Championships, July 9th 2011

Making distinct marks at the day four of the 7th IAAF World Youth Championships, the athletes left no room in competing at their apex and performing with prime enthusiasm. The action produced in the previous three days of the championships was enough to propel the competition with new trends, as most of the urging ones and emerging as well as talented performers had the best in their life.

The record breaking performances blended the competition into one which may remain as one of the most scintillating competitions in the history of youth championships.

The men’s 400 m hurdles category was also none short of a mesmerising competition, as Kuznetsov, becoming Russia's first ever gold medallist attained a defying victory as well as a personal best with a world leading score of 50.97.

Brave strategies were shown by the South African Constant Pretorius, as he managed to storm it out of the blocks to the 200 m mark and when it seemed as he will attain a spot at the podium, the South African somewhere found it hard in the final hurdle. Saleh mantled the second spot with lifetime best of 51.14 and was followed by Matsumoto who also managed fastest time ever at 51.26

The women’s category of 400m hurdles turned out to be a sheer entertainer, as Nnenya Hailey concluded the distance in a world leading time of 57.93, the only trouble witnessed was at the last hurdle, where she put one foot wrong but was no trouble for the momentum which she had gained.

 Just two days after lowering her personal best scores to 58.44, she decided to go for the ultimate shot with more induction of pace on day four. The day, transformed as the best day in her career when wrapping up things in just under 58 seconds. Hailey stomped the challenges with ease, as she after having an early start quickly became the winner and third from her country to attain the title.

Sara Carli and Zurian Hechavarria were held off with ease by the winner nonetheless both competitors were able to lower their personal best scores of 59.06 and 59.71 to 58.05 and 58.37. Both the athletes were moved to the second and third spots in the world rankings for 2011.


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