Indian Badminton Federation: pledged to produce best players

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  • Indian Badminton Federation: pledged to produce best players

   Indian Badminton Federation: pledged to produce best players

Review of recently held the YONEX All England Badminton Championships 2011 in Birmingham in which Saina Nehwal reached in the quarter-finals of the event depicts that India is in its way of producing some good players of badminton. Previously Saina Nehwal had also won singles title in the VICTOR Korea Open Super series tournament which was the first tournament out of the five premier OSIM World Championships. The previous victories of Indian Badminton players also make them famous throughout the world.

Their best performances at International tournaments and strong will power have enabled them to earn a good name for their country.

Unlike Pakistan Government, Indian Government is much cautious about supporting this game. That’s why badminton as a sport is very popular in India. At national level Indians have availed much opportunities to show their talent. It is quite admirable on part of Indian Government that she is helpful in utilizing the young talented gentlemen in positive activities. Moreover, young players draw inspiration from their old legends. The list of such legends includes Prakash Padukone, Pullela Gopichand, Chetan Anand, Aparna Popat, Saina Nehwal, and many other mature players. If we view the profile of these famous players we come to know about their achievements.

 Prakash Padukone is regarded as greatest badminton player of India. During his time badminton was associated with his name. On the badminton courts he was nicknamed as “Gentle Tigre”. He was the first player of badminton in India who had won All England Championship. It was a great achievement on his part. After this he had won many national and international titles. After Prakash Pullela Gopichand is another famous name in the history of Indian Badminton. He gained great favors not only national sphere but also at international sphere. Like his mentor Prakash Padukone he also won All England Championship.

 Women badminton team of India is also very famous and strong. Aparna Popat is regarded as one of the finest women badminton players India had produced in the history. She earned great fame in winning national and international tournaments. She won women singles in French Open tournament through her furious strokes. Furthermore, to receive the title of National Senior Women’s Badminton was her greatest achievement. She received this title not only once but nine times.

 Another most popular and famous name in the history of Indian Badminton is of Chetan Anand. He succeeded in achieving fame as a top ranking women player of the world. She received the most pious Arjuna Award. Saina Nehwal is considered as one of the best Indian Badminton player of international repute. Recently, she participated in Victor Korea Open super series despite health problems and won many victories. Before this tournament she had received the honor of reaching in the Quarter Final round of badminton tournament at the Olympic Games. She also won the gold medal during the Common Wealth Games 2010.

 The women badminton player of India who hilted the hardest smash in the history of badminton and remained captain of badminton team of India at the Thomas cup tournament is Anup Sridhar. Besides this great responsibility she won many titles at national and international tournaments. When we think about women’s doubles badminton players the name of Jwala Gupta strikes in mind. She got many victories at national and international level as well.

 Above discussion regarding best badminton players of India leaves a clear message for other Asian badminton federations and particularly for Pakistan that their countries should also give incentives to their players for the development of sports in their respective countries.




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