IHF ready to resolve Indian hockey crises through negotiations

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  • IHF ready to resolve Indian hockey crises through negotiations

IHF ready to resolve Indian hockey crises through negotiations

The Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) has started serious efforts to resolve the ongoing quandary with the sports bodies including Hockey India (HI), Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and Sports Ministry of India.

In a bid to settle down the hassle, newly appointed president of the IHF, RK Shetty announced that he is ready to talk with any stake holder in the best interests of the sport in the country, which is already packed with fusses.

Hockey India has been accredited by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) to run the sport’s affairs in the country while the IHF is recognised organisation of the home country, India. A case for seeking control of the hockey affairs between HI and the IHF is already in the court.

The Supreme Court of India in its last session directed all the concerned parties including Sports Ministry of India, IOA, HI and the IHF to resolve the matters through negotiations and take steps for betterment of the sport.

It is vital to mention here that the meetings of the HI and IOA are scheduled to be held in the current week to review the status of the court’s proceedings and other issues in this regard.

The IHF president was of the view that the apex court of India would hear the case likely on January 7th and hopefully good news would come out of it in this regard, which will cool down the situation. He further said that they had also started their efforts to settle the impasse, which is not good at all for the sport itself in the country.

The Sports Ministry has given green signal to the IHF to operate the hockey affairs in the country but still Shetty wants to get the legal powers for selecting players of the national team.

Regardless of the Sports Ministry’s indication, the FIH has not ready to grant power to the IHF for picking out the national squad.

The tussle between the duo bodies has been further buzzed with the proclamation of the World Series Hockey (WSH). The IHF and Nimbus Sports launched an-annual based hockey league in a bid to bring out glamorous touch and lavish style into the game, which was largely criticised by HI. The International governing body also declared the WSH as unofficial and directed the international players not to participate in the controversial event.

RK Shetty while commenting on the issue said that the WSH is one of the best designs for upgrading the level of hockey, occurred so far, and would bore fruitful results in the country. He further added that the league having big corporate sector names would also resolve the financial issues of the players.

The IHF president was of the view that this league would revive the sport not only in the country but also in abroad. The teams would be owned by different corporations and top players would have opportunities to earn five to six million rupees annually, he added.

He said, “I’m completely confident it will rejuvenate hockey, not just in India but globally also. Nimbus and many other sponsors have come forward to pump in money. Cash apart, it will be run professionally and that is what the need of the hour is.”

While commenting on the statement of the FIH, Shetty said that there were lot of leagues are running around the globe and expressed astonishment why the international body declared it unofficial.

Shetty stated, “FIH president Leonardo Negre was quoted saying the federation can’t stop anyone from organising a league. Our aim is not to cause any problem. It’s just another league with a lot more budget, which will benefit a lot of people.”


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