IAAF World Cross Country Championships, Punta Umbria, Spain, Sunday 20 March

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  • IAAF World Cross Country Championships, Punta Umbria, Spain, Sunday 20 March

The senior men’s race at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships, Punta Umbria, Spain on Sunday 20 March proved its worth to be witnessed with admiration for most of the achievers and runners and the competition was an intense one among the competitors as most of the runners had the distinction of decent finishes and markings in the cross country championships.

The senior men depicted a moderate approach towards the objective in the very initial periods as on the first two considerably relaxing laps than their junior counterparts the senior men through the first 2km were 14 seconds slower. The vibes were present as main contenders were initiating a gentle test to each other. The race paced up in the third of the six laps as 14 men proceeded the leading containment pack.

The Kenyan runners were seen to increase the momentum when Matthew Kisorio and Paul Tanui and kept a vision of feeling the potentiality and danger lying from a considerably reactant presence of Merga and the Ethiopian trials winner Hunegnaw Mesfin

Notwithstanding the moderate and intruding pace of the Kenyans the herd still contained 11 men at the halfway point, with two Ethiopians accompanying the entire Kenyan squad, two Ugandans and Ali Hasan Mahboob from Bahrain.

The group at the 8 km point shrunk by one man to ten there and then Mesfin and Merga took over the odds and at the very start of the fifth lap they went into a sort of communication to each other that depicted the instruction of clearing the ivory tower for the other contenders.

The induction of pace in the competition by the Ethiopians seemed to amplify the challengers’ capacity to excel at a single file with the appearance of daylight in several places, although it looked far from a decisive effort.

the compensation for the pace induction was paid by Mesfin in the very last kilometre as he struggled and seemed to lose the challenging thresholds. Kisorio, Tanui, Geoffrey Mutai the Kenyan trials winner and compatriot Vincent Chepkok surpassed the Ethiopian with ease. Merga was dragged back to a marginalising eighth and chased after Merga to fill the void.

A sudden modification in speed was shown by Merga in the final 200m as he crossed all his rivals with the same sort of stomping aptitude which he showed in the Samsung Diamond League 5000m races. The retaliation for his astounding performance and efforts on the track was a gold medal and a cheque for US$30,000 at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Punta Umbria, Spain.



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