Hoffman auctions Grammy’s gear to support Mike Vincent

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  • Hoffman auctions Grammy’s gear to support Mike Vincent

Hoffman auctions Grammy’s gear to support Mike Vincent


A friend in need is a friend indeed. Micheal J. Vincent, also known as Mike Vincent, is indeed fortunate to be able to call Mat Hoffman a friend in its’ truest concept. The friendship between the two co-workers has landed itself in the spotlight because of Hoffman’s latest attempt to help out Vincent in his time of need. Vincent lost his eyesight after getting hit by a car in January 2008. His medical expenses have climbed over $3.4 million, which he owes to the state of California. Determined to be a source of comfort and help his friend meet the mammoth-sized medical bills, Hoffman has put up all the gears used during his performance with Arcade Fire at the 53rd Grammy Awards on eBay for auction.

The gear put up for auction at eBay consist of four helmets custom-painted by Mat Hoffman and worn by him and his friends during a live performance by the Montreal band Arcade Fire on Feb 13. Aside from these helmets, four complete Hoffman bikes are being auctioned as well. These bikes were ridden by Hoffman, Mike Escarmilla, Simon Tabron and Dave Veelker during the performance. The performance led Arcade Fire to win Album of the Year for “suburbs” at the 53rd Grammys.

"I painted these helmets on the balcony of my hotel. The Grammy inspiration turned into 'Industry and Money chasing the Talent and Rebellion,'" says Hoffman. "I thought if we are on stage chasing each other in circles not doing any tricks, at least we could represent and express this, subtly."

Mat Hoffman is the biggest name in the world of Freestyle BMX and undoubtedly the greatest Vert-ramp rider in the history of the sport, with a number of innovations such as Flip faki and Flair to his credit. He has not only revolutionized the sport as a rider, but also made priceless contribution to the progress of the game through his Hoffman Promotions and Hoffman Sports Association (H.S.A.).

Mike Vincent had been a member of the Hoffman Sports Association for nearly a decade prior to his accident. He had been making frequent contributions to the world of BMX with his numerous BMX magazines articles as well. He was an invaluable asset to the sport of BMX. However, one unfortunate day in January of 2008, Vincent got hit by a car while riding his bike in Los Angeles. The accident caused him a severe head trauma, and stripped him off his vision. As the years go by, Vincent has been showing signs of improvements, but his eyesight is still gone.  Adding to his troubles are the ever mounting medical bills. He is becoming yet another victim of the extremely expensive medical treatment in America. The bills have already surpassed $3.4 million.

It is indeed noble of Mat Hoffman to be helping out Vincent in such testing times. What remains to be seen is whether the auction receives a good response. Of course all the proceeds of sales will be utilised to meet Vincent’s medical bills.

"Mike's recovery is coming along but the medical bills are mounting and he needs our help," said Hoffman regarding the auction