Graeme Dell, England head coach for Futsal, visits New Zealand

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  • Graeme Dell, England head coach for Futsal, visits New Zealand

Graeme Dell, England head coach for Futsal, visits New Zealand 

The man who played a key role in introducing Futsal in the United Kingdom, Graeme Dell, visited New Zealand. He is the head of the Football Association (FA) education programme for Futsal in England.

Futsal in New Zealand is gaining popularity. The country also organized a Futsal National League earlier.  Dell held a workshop at the Manukau Indoor Sports Centre, New Zealand. The workshop was a part of FIFA development programme to promote the sport at the junior and youth level.

The main concentration of workshop was to develop Futsal skills among the beginners and to give training to the local coaches. The New Zealand Football (NZF) and FA have made Futsal coaching a part of their training programmes. Dell said, “In terms of Futsal development, it reminds me very much of where we’ve come from in England,”

He was pretty impressed by the steps taken by the NZF to develop the sport in the country. Dave Payne, who is the Development manager for Futsal in NZF, was delighted to have FA head coach among them. Dell educated Payne on how to develop the NZ Futsal coaching framework.

Payne said, “We’re looking at all the best Futsal structures around the world - Brazil, Spain and now England, through our work with Graeme”. The NZ Futsal officials are expecting to come up with a new team by utilizing their local playing skills along with such developmental programmes.

Dell has developed a fine breed of Futsal coaches in England, who are capable enough to develop the sport, on the national level. This will help in promoting the sport on the wider range, on both national and international level.

The head coach has been affiliated with the United Kingdom Futsal since the programme started in 2003. He led the England Futsal team in the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) Futsal Championship in 2004. He has been with the English team in 51 matches as a coach. Dell has also led the team in the 2008 FIFA Futsal World Cup. He is running a company, @Futsal Limited, which is investing millions of pounds for the development of Futsal in the country.

Futsal can play an important role in the technical development of football players. It is easy to transfer your skill from Futsal to football. Futsal has provided the national leagues in England with many fine players over the last few years.

Dell switched from football to Futsal coaching. In his 25-year-career, he has done a lot of developmental work from grass root level. He was the youngest coach to get the full coaching FA license. He started to coach at the age of 21, from that time he has developed himself as the most prominent coach in both football and Futsal.