Golf:Zaca Creek Golf Course is now out of business

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  • Golf:Zaca Creek Golf Course is now out of business

Golf:Zaca Creek Golf Course is now out of business

9–hole Zaca Creek Golf Course is closing down. The news is true and has been confirmed by the owner, Pete Concepcion who had been trying hard to get it going.

The owner who is employed at Santa Barbara Airport in facility maintenance had been putting his earnings into the course to keep it running, but the expenses have gone beyond his afford. Therefore, he decided to close it after requesting the city council for monetary assistance.

The Buellton City Council waived the course’s summer water bills on Concepcion’s request, which provided little help. However, a meeting is due on 27 January in which they will discuss the issue on wider perspective.

City Manager John Kunkel spoke to the press and said that the council was exploring various options, which might include a takeover. He quoted, “The council will have to look at situation again, and after asking other cities to weigh in, most have told us we will most likely have to subsidize the costs if we make the golf course municipal. The property owners e-mailed me and said they are open to exploring options. At this point we don’t know which direction will be taken yet, but I don’t think a person in this town wants to see it close.”

Concepcion admitted and thanked the council for assisting him in every possible way. On the other hand, he said, “Even with the reprieve of our water bill from the city of Buellton, which we appreciated immensely, we just didn’t have enough players to generate revenue to keep it open.”

Zaca Creek Golf Course started as a private venture in 1986 by Concepcion and his immediate family. In 2010 June, Concepcion announced that the course was near to bankruptcy, as it had very few members left. The course required a daily income of $600, but with 14 golfers left, the breakeven was hard to achieve.

The course was declared closed on 27th December, but the City Council is working on the issue to keep it working as the course provides learning to children and is a hub of memories for the aged. To find out the fate of Zaca Creek Golf Course, do return to



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