Golf Update: PGA Tour players refuse to put mikes on their shirts

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  • Golf Update: PGA Tour players refuse to put mikes on their shirts

Golf Update: PGA Tour players refuse to put mike on their shirts

The Golf Channel wanted to make things spicy during the tournament, by putting microphone on the players, but they did not agree.

Nearly all the sports are tapped player to player to make the game exciting for the viewers. Take the example of cricket. Just imagine the sound of stumps being blown away with Shoaib Akhtar’s speedy bowling. The sound effects of Akhtar’s ‘outaaaa’ make the viewer jump of the sofa.

This is exactly what the Golf Channel wanted to do. They wanted to make the elites’ game a little bit cheesy, but to their distress, this could not happen. The professionals refused to put on microphones, as it would affect the sanctity of their privacy. This is not the first time that microphones have been used during the match. It happened at several occasions on the LPGA tour last season without any resistance.

The PGA Tour has given the permission to the channel for the execution, but most of the players are resisting the change. Executive producer Golf Channel Jack Graham told the press that most of the players were interested, but the rest went against the idea. He further added that the way things were going it was apparent that the idea would not be implemented.

With a day left in the commencement of the tournament of Champions, the idea does not seem to get along way. Graham highlighted the fact that changes needed to be accepted as per the demands laid by viewers. Fans and  t.v viewers wanted to see a much closer version of golf on their screens rather than commentators’ perspective.

He stated, “I think it will work if we get some cooperation, but it's problematic. Some players will do it. Some won't. If you look at where we are compared with other sports, we're pretty far behind.”

Tournament of Champions will be kicking off on 6th January in Hawaii, but most of the players are against the idea of mikes attached to the button of their polo shirts. The Golf Channel is trying their utmost to convince the players with the approval of PGA authorities, but with a day left in the event, the implementation does not seem possible.


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