Golf Special: Dustin Johnson's conversation with his manager on the phone regarding Natalie-scandal

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Golf Special: Dustin Johnson's conversation with his manager on the phone regarding Natalie-scandal

Dustin Johnson, the man who is popularly known as the king of bunkers is dating Natalie Gulbis. The veteran who kicked Martin Kaymer’s ass in the Ryder Cup made an emergency call to the management of the Sony Open and said that he will not be able to play in the tournament, as he had to go home to sort out personal matters. This is the media side of story, what really happened was as follows.

Dustin called his manager and said, “Hey man what’s up? I need a favour from you.”

The manager who was waiting anxiously on the other side inquired the reason for the stress in the voice, “Sure my man. I am there for you. By the way, what happened, do you have a stomach upset?”  Dustin who was already messed up on the other side of the phone got shocked and asked the reason for that abrupt question.

Manager scratched his head and said, “You ate too much pasta last night. You know lots of white sauce is not good before the game.”  Dustin cut him in the middle and yanks out “No, no, it’s not that. Amanda read the news regarding Natalie and me and she is mad at me. I have to head back home or else she is going to set my favourite pyjama on fire.”

Dustin had been dating Amanda Caulder for eight years and did not have guts to tell her that he was seeing the blonde sexy golfer Natalie Gulbis.

The manager who perceived the pain in the voice as problem caused by the pasta yelled in shock. With his mouth open and coffee on the floor of hotel room, the manager said, “Shit man!”

Dustin who was touched by his sensitivity said, “Yeah. Thanks dude for understanding.  I wanted to talk to someone about it.”  The golfer who is in a habit of falling in traps thought, his manager was sympathising with him, but in real, that was not the case.  Manager had spilt coffee on the floor and only in the morning, the fat lady from the room service warned him for creating mess in the wash room. When Dustin was telling him the story, he could not hear his words, except for the horrible voice of that women dressed in black, “I don’t care who you are or whom you work with. When I get back here, I don’t want to find dirty tissue papers lying on the floor or else I am going to roll you like a golf ball and putt you straight into the flush.”

Therefore, instead of listening to his boss, the manager was wiping the floor with an old pink skirt, which he found in Dustin‘s trunk.

After cleaning the mess, the manager got back to Dustin and said, “So, where were we? What are you going to do now? Man I remember the time, when my wife caught me looking at girl next door. I was drinking hot coco and enjoying the view from the window. I swear, I don’t know from where she saw me looking at her, as she was busy cleaning the kitchen stove, but she turned around and spilt the entire coco on my head. It hurt for days.”

On the other side, Dustin was carefully listening to what his manager was saying. A sudden expression of pain covered his face and for a second he imagined the same coco pouring on his head. The thought of melting chocolate burning his head pierced him and he uttered in a weak voice, “What shall I do now. Amanda is going to kill me.”

The manager thought for a second and said, “Tell her, it was not you.  In fact, make up a story that other boys were making fun of you for being a goof, therefore , you did not wanted to play with them and that Natalie scandal was a mere illusion in the minds of the media.”

Dustin thought about the brilliant idea and while smiling told the manager to call the authorities and inform them that he had to go home for personal reasons and hanged up the phone.









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