Golf Latest: Wentworth Golf Club gone public

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  • Golf Latest: Wentworth Golf Club gone public

Golf Latest: Wentworth Golf Club gone public

Wentworth Golf Club is no more private.

The golf club, which has been under the rightful ownership of Bill Place has turned semi private. The news was confirmed in a press briefing at the mansion of the owner on Wednesday 5th January.

Place said that the deal was finalised on January 1st, when his business manager proposed the notion. The reason behind the change was the increasing cost and falling membership at the course. In result of the loss, the manager presented an idea to which all the board of directors adhere.

Place quoted, "I think they knew it was the direction this club had to go. There was some apprehension. We're the new guys on the block. For 20 years the way this course operated was that there were no tee times. You walked out here when you felt like it, you grabbed as many carts as you wanted to use, and away you went. And it was probably fairly empty when you went out there. So who wouldn't love that? To say there wouldn't be apprehension is crazy. But what is helping us is they see the handwriting. There is something like 73 homes and 90 lots out here. You can't make it on that small of a community.''

The course is now open for public and the green fees have been bought down. Initially, the members paid $500 per trip along with the financial reservations. After the partial transfer of ownership, the cost has come down to $200, without reservations. Rates are lesser for younger members aged 30-39.

Place discussed the condition of the course and said that it was better than the Pebble Creek. Yes, the entrepreneur owns the Pebble Creek Golf Club in Tampa and two Tampa Bay area-driving ranges apart from this luxury.

He said, “If I had another Pebble Creek on my hands, I think I'd have second thoughts. We had to replace everything. Here they already have new greens. There isn't rotted wood and things falling from the clubhouse. My belief is you have to have the product. If you don't have the product, you don't have the golfers. If the course deteriorates, golfers talk, and you don't have any sales.''

With Wentworth Golf Club gone semi private, there is more golf to play in Surrey.




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