Golf Latest: TaylorMade is out with a new range in white

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  • Golf Latest: TaylorMade is out with a new range in white

Golf Latest: TaylorMade is out with a new range in white

Technology and innovation is making golf superior and highly competitive  day by day. This is why TaylorMade, a brand, which is known for golf gears has introduced a brand new range of drivers.

The length of the driver is the same and so is the head and loft. Then what has changed, which TaylorMade refers as, ‘product innovation that will revolutionize the game of golf?’  It is the colour of the driver! Yes, the new driving range comes in shades of white. No, it is no case of racism or discrimination. It is just a colour.

Apparently, the colour is the only change, which seems visible on the club. Nevertheless, Bob Maggiore, the vice president of TaylorMade has more claims regarding the change apart from the colour.

Speaking to the press, Maggiore said, “The R11 is the best driver we've ever made and it deserves something different. Golf marketing has become so cookie-cutter, and we felt it was time to move away from the pack. By creating a spot like this, we've shown how this driver's stunning design, technology, and performance clearly set it apart from the competition."

Sadly, he did not reveal the impact of colour on the performance of the driver. Instead, he asked the press to follow the ad campaign, which was being  aired on the television. In the ad made by NYCA, drivers of different brands appeared on the screen with a background song, ‘One of these things is not like the other’. As the ad ended, white TaylorMade driver showed on the screen, portraying the difference.

The ad hardly narrated a change in  the performance of the club, which made it incomprehensible for the viewer to understand the purpose of it.

Maggiore further elaborated that the driver was much lighter than it previously was.  A lighter driver increase the driving distance of the shot, which is why platinum is preferred in the head area. Rest, no change has been bought in Coefficient of Restitution, which accounts for re-bouncing of the ball. As per rules stated by R&A, a professional cannot use a club with a COR more than 0.83 in an official event.

A new driver is here and it is white in colour, but what is its competitive advantage against rest of the brands? To know the difference, refer to



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