Golf Latest: Kangaroos shot down at Joondalup Resort golf course

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  • Golf Latest: Kangaroos shot down at Joondalup Resort golf course

Golf Latest: Kangaroos shot down at Joondalup Resort golf course

It was not Tiger Woods’ terrible putting, nor it was bunch of rowdy teenagers, who destroyed the greens of Joondalup Resort golf course. Then what was it? It was a pack of kangaroos habituating on the course situated in Perth.

The green keeper registered a complaint with the course superintendent Ashley Watson that someone was making the greens unplayable. Initially, kangaroos were not suspected as the culprits, until the course staff stayed overnight to monitor the situation.

Ashley Watson confirmed the news and said that the animals were the cause of damage. She explained, “They started homing in on the greens, I don’t know why, but they started digging holes in the greens. One or two holes are not too bad but they were leaving 60 or 70 holes per night, we tried a few different products but nothing worked and the greens were becoming unplayable.”

To cater the situation, several measures were taken, but no apparent improvement showed up. Few months back, Department of Environment and Conservation officials were called in to remove the animals that were creating the trouble, but even they fail to handle the situation. Therefore, the course management retrieved a permission letter from the concerned authorities in August to kill the kangaroos. During August and September, 13 kangaroos were shot down, which ultimately halt the damage.

However, on Monday, a wildlife activist Kim Walpole, addressed a press conference in Victoria and raised the issue of cruelty on behalf of the course management. She emphasised that the management should have used some non-lethal way to inhibit the damage caused by the animals.

She stated, “There are several ways to deal the issue, which the DCO did not know. We condemn the act of violence as it went against the nature. Kangaroos are a part of Victoria’s natural habitat and no force can stop their natural existence in the area. We have certain fertilizers in the local stores that discourage these living creatures from coming nearby, but this was a clear act of barbarism.”

Joondalup Resort golf course has been a victim of kangaroos since a year. To counter the problem, they hired the services of a DCO who shot them down.  In protest of this act, an association of wildlife held a press conference in Victoria and raised voice against the management.



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