Golf: Billy Foster opens up in favour of Westy

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  • Golf: Billy Foster opens up in favour of Westy

Golf: Billy Foster opens up in favour of Westy

Lee Westwood wants a major title stitched to his coat and has the support of his caddie, Billy Foster.

Foster has been providing services to the world number one for 18 months and together they have witnessed some great moments. From the time, the Englishman won Dubai Championship in 2009 to present day story of Westy bidding on a major in the coming year, Foster has been a source of constant support. Once again, Westy has Foster’s back and he proved it in an interview to Reuters last week.

Foster emphasised his faith in Westwood and said that he was sure that the 39-year-old would succeed in achieving his goal. He supported it with a fact that in last two years, Westy finished in top-3s in all four majors. That led to an assumption that he was in the right form to seek a major title.

At another point, he said that Westy’s secret was in his level headedness and consistency. He explained it with the incident where Phil Mickelson defeated him in the US Masters 2010. Westy lost by four strokes, but did not give up. He bounced back and it was evident from his strong finishes in the whole year. In 2010, US Masters, Westwood, and Mickelson were in a tie until the last round, but the American birdied four holes of the back nine and surged into victory.

Another aspect of caddie-golfer relationship was disclosed in the interview. Foster claimed that the duo shared a strong chemistry and that helped them in having fun whist at play.

He quoted, “It's like working for your best mate. He is so relaxed out there. Certain golfers you don't feel comfortable with, it's all fairly intense and sometimes you can't say what you want to say. But with Lee we have so much fun together. He does not really take things out on me on the golf course, 99.9 percent of the time he is pretty relaxed. Now and again you have to shut up for a minute or so, but then we get back to having a bit of a crack and some banter."

Foster has worked with big guns like Seve Ballesteros, Tiger Woods, and Sergio Garcia in the past. This portrays his credibility within top golfers.

Caddie is a big support in crucial times and this is what Foster has been doing when required. Foster re-gathered the moments when he had to apply different techniques to pull the player out of stress. He said that he bullied him and pushed him when he faced tough competition from fresh golfers.

Foster quoted, “It was the right time for me to say a few things to Lee, some of which I can't repeat. I tried to explain he had won more tournaments on his own than the three guys who were chasing him (Martin Kaymer, Ross Fisher and Rory McIlroy) put together and it should be them who were afraid of him, not the other way round. It was time for him to start bullying them. It got inside his head and it had the right effect.”

The time, which Foster mentioned came in 2009 when Westwood made a comeback after a long pause of defeats. He fell on the Official World Golf Rankings after ruling the European golf scenario for ten years.

Commenting on the role of caddie, Foster said that a caddie has to work as a psychologist. Caddie is the only man, who is assisting the golfer when he is stuck in a bunker. Therefore, at crucial times like that, a good and genuine advice work wonders. At the same moment, Foster highlighted the fact that Westy seldom asked for help, as he relied on his own muscle strength.

Billy Foster, who is a caddie to Lee Westwood, believes that a victory in a major is evident in the coming year, owing to his prowess.


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