Golf 2011 - Things to come

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  • Golf 2011 - Things to come

Golf 2011 - Things to come

2010 was a spectacular year for golf. We saw Tiger Woods finally displaced from his No.1 spot after spending 281 weeks comfortably placed at the top. There was the case of Irishman winning the U.S Open, the first European to do so since 1970. Generally it was a year in which we saw Europeans and South Africans dominate the sport effectively ending the years of monopoly by the Americans. Out of the 4 majors and 4 World Golf Championships, Americans could only manage to win 2. And quite amazingly after playing in 206 PGA Tour Events, South African Tim Clark finally clinched his victory on U.S soil at the Players Championship. Doing so, however, he lost the perhaps dubious honour of having made more money than anyone else among the people who had not yet won a PGA Tour tournament.

2010 is thing of the past now, so to speak, and looking ahead at 2011 here are a few things we’d like to see in the coming year:

Tiger’s Return
Despite being universally vilified after his marital infidelities came to light, Tiger Woods remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of golf. He had an inconsistent and winless 2010, but remains confident about his chances in the year to come. Perhaps the most skilled golfer still actively playing today, the World No. 2 certainly has the ability to put his past behind him. Here’s to hoping that the Tiger can show the same flash of brilliance that won him so many fans in his prime.

Lee Westwood’s first major
The golfer from Nottingham has been the most consistent golfer for the past few years now. This rightly earned him the No.1 spot in the World Golf Rankings. One glaring omission from his resume, however, is the lack of any major wins. In four of his last five majors he has finished in the top three. Statistically speaking the time is ripe for him to clinch a major. In 2008 he finished 3rd in the U.S Open, in 2009 he finished 3rd in both the Open Championship and the PGA Championship and in 2010 he was runner up in both The Masters and the Open Championship. If his graph grows as it has in the past, this year he should hopefully win his first major.

Kaymer’s Hole in One?
After winning his first major at the PGA Championship, the Race to Dubai title and being named the European Tour Golfer of the Year one would think the 26 year old had everything a new and upcoming golfer could desire. But instead of setting his sights for the World No.1 spot for which he was in contention for last year, the German would rather have a hole in one this year. Now wouldn’t that be a sight to see.

More competitiveness from the USA
After World War 2 USA dominated the world of golf. Recently however, the spectrum has been shifting. And never was this more apparent than in 2010. Out of the 8 Majors and World Golf Championships Americans could only claim two. And in both the cases they were closely followed by players from Europe and South Africa. The Ryder Cup too was seized by Team Europe 14 ½ to 13 ½. For the sake of stiffer competition and tighter finishes here’s to hoping the Americans pick up the slack.

More Asian Representation in International Tours
While we often see players from Europe and South Africa participate in the American PGA Tour and Americans doing the same with the European and Sunshine Tours, there seems to be a lack of Asians participating and winning at these circuits. While it seems like a long way in the future before Asians make any great headway, we’re hoping that 2011 will have lots of steps in the right direction.


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