Germiston Stadium keeps its record with the help of Zyl and Semenya’s performances

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  • Germiston Stadium keeps its record with the help of Zyl and Semenya’s performances

Germiston Stadium keeps its record with the help of Zyl and Semenya’s performances

The IAAF event of Yellow Pages Interprovincial Challenge held at Germiston Stadium in Ekurhuleni South Africa on Saturday 26 March. Germiston Stadium is famous for his good repute as it has history for setting records. This time stadium also kept his history with the help of Van Zyl and Caster Semenya.

In the event Van Zyl and Caster Semenya set his personal records and improved for their career.

 Van Zyl has set his personal best in 400 metres. He has now become the fastest sprinter in 400 metres of both hurdles and flat. He improved his ranking in International Association of Athletics Federation’s point board too. Now he is in top ten there. He also compete the latest record of Oscar Pistorius which he set last week on Wednesday. His recent time of clinching was 44.86 seconds and he was not expecting that. He shared his victory, ““My target was to improve my 400m personal best from 45.82 to about 45.2 seconds. A sub 45 seconds was way beyond my wildest dreams. On the back straight Offense who was in the immediate inside lane next to me, was rapidly catching up so I had to work hard. When I reach where normally the eighth hurdle is placed in 400m hurdles, I felt strong and made my move.”

“I am also grateful to Willie (de Beer) and Jacques (de Swart) who were running in the outer lanes for setting such a fast pace. We need stiff competition to improve our times,” He added. On his world record he said, “Now I have to sustain and improve this form all the way up to the World Championships in Daegu.”

Secondly the outclass performance was of Caster Semenya in the Wednesday meet. She clocked remarkable 52.32 seconds after her supereb performance of 54.40 in 400 metres at last Yellow Pages held in Cape Town on 10 March. On 26, Semenya also performed in 800 metres where she did it in 2:01:77 metres.

Other than these fervent performances the two national records were of South African Hannes Dreyer who clocked 10.17 in 100 metres. And the second record was of Lesotho’s Mosito Lehata who also set his national record in 100 metres and 200 metres by clocking 10.53 and 20.93 respectively.


The points table of IAAF of 400 metres sprinters:

Athlete                                   Points             400 PB (points)       400H PB (points)

1. Angelo Taylor                  2501               44.05 (1241)             47.25 (1260)

2. Kerron Clement               2473               44.48 (1212)             47.24 (1261)

3. Andre Phillips                  2460              44.71 (1197)             47.19 (1263)

4. Kevin Young                    2454               45.11 (1170)              46.78 (1284)

5. Samuel Matete                 2453               44.88 (1185)              47.10 (1268)

6. Felix Sanchez                  2444               44.90 (1184)              47.25 (1260)

7. Bershawn Jackson         2432               45.06 (1174)              47.30 (1258)

8. Harald Schmid                 2431               44.92 (1183)              47.48 (1248)

9. LJ van Zyl                                     2426               44.86 (1187)              47.66 (1239)

10. Stephane Diagana       2420               45.18 (1166)              47.37 (1254)


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