Gay Gareth Thomas backs Steven Davies for declaring himself as gay

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  • Gay Gareth Thomas backs Steven Davies for declaring himself as gay

The first one to take a step and announce himself as a rugby player, who is gay, was Gareth Thomas. And now we have Steven Davies, the England’s cricket team wicket keeper and a T20 opening batsman. Gareth Thomas, the first ever openly gay rugby star has praised the courage of Davies for revealing himself as he is.

According to Thomas, the decision by Stephen Davies to come out public is extremely important, as it will be an addition to history and no sportsman who is gay and who wants to be a cricketer will have to be shy or discouraged. It is clearly an act of honesty and bravery to be on such a position and tell the world that you are gay.

He said, “I was the first rugby player from the nation to come out and now Steven has become the first in cricket. We will see what the future holds for other sports like football.”

Gareth Thomas has lately been in news a lot, not only because of his homosexuality, but because his recognition by Hollywood. A Hollywood film is under the process of production on the rugby career of Gareth Thomas and how he came out to the world and became public about it. “The Wrestler” superstar, Mickey Rourke is the lead actor and playing his role.

Steven Michael Davies is a 24 year old English wicket keeper batsman who is currently playing for Surrey. He started his cricketing career with Worcestershire in 2003 and stayed with the club till 2009. He then joined Surrey in 2010 and is playing for the club since then. Davies made his international debut in October 2009 against Australia. His latest appearance for the national team was also against Australia in January this year. He has been representing England in Twenty20 cricket and is now the first international cricket player who is openly gay.

Davies expressed that it was Thomas he looked up to and it was his story that inspired him a lot. According to Davies it was Thomas, “Who showed me it can be done.”

Davies has been thoroughly backed by his team and his club and has been encouraged to be whatever he is. Though, it’s not a new issue as many football and cricket players have scandalized to be gay; Jacque Kallis is a prime example. It has been a long term rumor regarding his sexuality that Kallis is gay, but never proved or proved officially.

In changing times and a quickly moving world, people have realized that there are way bigger issues than pointing out and scandalizing someone’s sexuality.

Thomas agrees though, “I know how difficult it is to come out, ­especially in the public eye, but now he will no longer have to live a lie like I did for so many years.”

Thomas added, “When you make such a courageous pronouncement, they esteem you even more. They know how much sport means to you, and they know that’s what you want to focus on. Your team is more than a group of friends; it’s almost like a second family.”

With this changing trend and acceptance of homosexual people in rugby and cricket, one hopes the sports itself is not being stereotyped, in fact becoming a passion for every human being, no matter what sexual orientation they possess.

A very sad incident of Justin Fahanu, an English footballer, who declaring himself as a homosexual in 1990 committed suicide for getting public taunts and abuses from terraces.  Since then the only sportsman to be public about his sexuality was Gareth Thomas and now it’s Steven Davies.