Friday’s final draw for the Coral On TV Marathon

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  • Friday’s final draw for the Coral On TV Marathon

Friday’s final draw for the Coral On TV Marathon

After the successful event of the Coral On TV Marathon Heats, the race track of Romford is ready to break the blaze out on its dirt track for the finals. The three qualifiers from each heat have impressively reserved their traps for the handsome prize money. Among the finalists of the Fridays draw, all eye are on the speedy qualifier Mountjoy Orion, her fabulous chase made her the star of the show.

Besides the white and brindle bitch who will commence her lure chase form trap 2, her trainer M Wallis is also in the lime light. The fortunate trainer has recently enjoyed the double treats.

Along with Mountjoy Orion who impressively gave a hit in a very less time, the heat 2 triumphant Ayamzagirl also took the purse of £150 home for M Wallis.

The white and black bitch was not placed in with the ideal bets. Her out class victory not only showed her hidden talent to Romford but she also proved herself as a real go getter. In the Coral On TV Marathon, the four-year-old will strike through trap 5 as a middle runner.

Besides the purse winners of the two shows, the hounds who managed to wrap up their chase at second and third place in the heats are given another chance.

Droopys Kirbee, a white and blue bitch was railing through the race track against Mountjoy Orion. Wearing orange and white jacket in the heats, the five-year-old managed finish seconds for trainer P Young.

Due to her sluggish pace the hound took 48.13 seconds to conclude her chase previously, in the finals P Young’s bitch is placed in trap 4.

Trainer A Collett’s blue dog who was sharing the same set of odds with Mountjoy Orion in the heats, unluckily stood third. Facing immense obstruction, the hound lost the purse for his trainer, by placing him in trap 6 as a wide runner he has been given another opportunity to steal the final show.

After the finalization of the first three qualifiers, the heat 2 opened its trap doors to confirm rest of the contestants.

Besides the purse winner Ayamzagirl, the two hounds who are fortunate enough to race for the purse in the finals are Perles Orchid and Aero Gaga.

Perles Orchid the white and black bitch was sent in as the most favourite hound, for trainer B Clemenson. Inauspiciously she was not able to compete against Ayamzagirl’s chase, but she has managed to confirm trap 3 for the last round.

The final hound who despite of losing the purse has qualified for the final chase is Aero Gaga. The brindle dog for trainer P Young was placed at the third position in the heats, luckily trap 1 has been reserved for the hound.

The lure chase for the Coral On TV Marathon will begin on the 21st of October 2011. The final combat will decide who will take the purse of £ 750 as well as the prestigious title home.


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