Ferrari team selects Pat Fry as the new race track engineer

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  • Ferrari team selects Pat Fry as the new race track engineer

Ferrari team selects Pat Fry as the new race track engineer: The forty six years old British motor racing engineer Pat Fry has taken over the place of Chris Dyer as the boss of the race track at the Ferrari racing team. According to some media reports the selection of Fry by the Ferrari team as the race track engineer has taken place because of the team’s veteran Spanish driver’s failure in winning the previous Formula 1 world championship title.

According to the recent sports news the role of the previous race track engineer Chris Dyer will be changed but it seems that he has been punished because he gave a wrong suggestion to Fernando Alonso in the final race of the event. It is to be remembered that it was important for the Spanish ace driver Fernando Alonso to finish the race in top four to win the championship title but he failed to finish the race even in top five.

After the final race of the event in Abu Dhabi, the role of the race track engineer was highly criticized by the media. Moreover it became one of the burning issues in Italy as many politicians spoke out about the matter. After that the chief of the Ferrari team Stefano Domenicali admitted the fact that it was a serious mistake by Dyer in the final race and now the team will make a huge change considering the matter. Domenicali said that it was a huge mistake at a very crucial time.

Domenicali said that it would have been a normal error in a normal race but the main point was that it was a highly important race and that error had earned the title to the Red Bull team driver Sebastian Vettel. After that he said that some changes will be declared in the team pretty soon. The forty five years Old Italian manager Stefano told that the team needs a person who can take best decisions at the crucial time.

Now finally the issue has been resolved and the Ferrari team has selected Pat Fry for the role of track engineer. According to many sports critics the selection of Fry is a good decision by the team Ferrari regarding Pat’s huge experience. It is also to be notified that before joining the Ferrari racing team in 2010 the Englishman Pat Fry used to work as head engineer in the racing team McLaren. It is also to be noticed that Pat had worked for eighteen years with the McLaren team and such a huge experience with one of the best racing teams of the world cannot certainly be ignored.

According to Domenicali, Pat Fry is a perfect choice for the job and he is very hopeful that the team will not repeat the same mistake again. Now only the team will tell whether Fry will come up with the huge expectations of the team or not.

The result of the previous Formula 1 racing season was no doubt unfortunate for the team Ferrari as before the final race of the championship, the twenty nine years old and two times world champion Fernando Alonso was in a very strong position of winning the world title for the third time. But sometimes a small gamble can cost a huge loss and that is what happened to the team when Alonso was advised for a before time pit stop and it gave an easy chance to the German veteran racer Sebastian Vettel to clinch the lead of the race.

Now the fans of one of the best Formula 1 racing team Ferrari are eyeing to see Fernando Alonso again over the racing podiums. The team will introduce its new car for the upcoming season in the last days of this month. As a fan of the Formula 1 racing, we can hope for the best.