Ferrari hoping to continue its dominance

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  • Ferrari hoping to continue its dominance

Ferrari hoping to continue its dominance


Ferrari the world renowned sports car manufacturer enjoys the respect and admiration of people throughout the globe. Being the biggest name in motorsport they draw attention of neutrals and hater alike with their Formula 1 racing division flagpole of their popularity.

Ferrari is named after its owner Enzo Ferrari who formed a car company in 1930. His ambition was always to develop race cars and in 1950 after considerable commercial success of sport car division they joined the Formula 1. Since then they have won 16 driver’s championship and 15 constructors championship and considered as the most celebrated motorsport team in Formula 1.  

Ferraris’ Formula 1 division ‘Scuderia Ferrari’ has enjoyed plenty of success with ample amount of constructors and drivers championships titles in 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and early 2000s highlighting the dominance they enjoyed in the world of Formula 1. Regarded as the benchmark for any Formula 1 team for achievements they don’t bask in the glories of past and has always continued in their quest for the ultimate car, whether it is the sport luxury or Formula 1 division their pursuit for best hasn’t taken a back seat ever.

Though success they enjoy has nothing to do with this but Ferrari always enjoyed preferable treatment in the world of motorsport with many instances in the past of holding the governing body to ransom in negotiating deals and change of rules. They have also threatened the governing body on countless occasions of not participating or forming a breakaway league if their needs are not met, something which is well documented and criticised. Even with that Formula 1 knows how important Ferrari is to them and one can’t even think of Formula 1 without Ferrari as they have always been the team to beat in any season.   

The golden era of Ferrari started in 2000, but its foundation was laid several years ago. Since 1980 Ferrari hadn’t seen success and struggled to put a firm hold on Formula 1. With success as the only option, Ferrari brought massive changes in mid 90s when they hired Jean Todt as Team Principle operator. In 1996 Ferrari brought the whole team of Benetton team which won the championship in 1995 with Michael Schumacher leading the way, he was signed for 30 million pound per season deal.

With Michael Schumacher and Ruben Barrichello at the driving seat Ferrari asserted them and looked as genuine title contenders in a long time. Ferrari reportedly put the F1 2000 through a very rigours testing period to make it ideal for Michael Schumacher but still wasn’t the fastest car compare to Mika Haikkenin Mclaren and it went down to a very close battle, with Schumacher nicking Mika for the title in the final race. The win was his third championship title and Ferraris first since 1979. That championship started an avalanche of success as the most dominant era of Ferrari began.

Ferrari went on to win consecutive drivers and constructors championship from 2000 to 2004 making them the dominant force in Formula 1. In 2002 season Ferrari duo alienated the rest of the pack from podium as they won 15 of the 17 races of the season, making it one of the most one sided Formula 1 season in history. By the end of 2004 season Ferrari had won five constructors championship title and Michael Schumacher five consecutive championship titles, taking his total tally to seven championships, making him the most celebrated driver in the history of Formula 1.

The subsequent two years weren’t that great as Ferrari struggled to keep pace with the rest along with espionage controversy affecting them badly. After the retirement of Michael Schumacher in 2006, Kimi Raikkonen took the wheels for Ferrari winning his debut race and claiming the world title in his first season. Ferrari also went on to win the constructors championship that year, dismissing claims of decline after Schumacher retirement.

Though Ferrari at the present is not at its best and but is knocking at the door of championship. Sebastian Vettle in his Red Bull are performing astonishingly well and leading the pack, the days are not far when Ferrari will be back to winning ways.  A team like Ferrari can’t afford to play second fiddle to any team and with quality drivers like Fernando Alonso and Fillepe Massa, soon the cycle of dominance will be Ferrari’s way.


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