Fernando Alonso tips Ferrari to improve in next races

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  • Fernando Alonso tips Ferrari to improve in next races

Fernando Alonso tips Ferrari to improve in next races

Fernando Alonso from Ferrari did not have the best start to the season in Australia, and ended 4th overall. But the Spaniard insists that it was a satisfactory result for him and has no doubts that his team will go from strength to strength in the races to come.

The two times world champion said that, there is no doubt that 4th was not the ideal place to end at. But at the same time there is no need to hit the panic button and is sure that in due time Ferrari will start to catch up with the rivals.

Fernando Alonso started the race on 5th pl-ace, but said that it was not the ideal start after the green lights for him. That pushed him on the 9th spot from 5th. He added that he knows what he did wrong and will make sure that he does not repeat the same mistakes in next two races that will take place in Malaysia and China.

The Spaniard said that if he had not dropped to 9th position at the start of the race, he may have been able to fight for a spot on the podium.  He added that now it is important to learn from the mistakes made in Australia and start preparing for the next two races that will come back to back.

Ferrari had been impressive in the pre season testing sessions held before the race, but the former world champion managed to qualify only in 5th place after qualifying. Alonso was 1.4 seconds behind the pole sitter Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull who also ended up winning the race on Sunday.

Before the race began, Fernando Alonso had said that he was happy with the 5th place, but the stark difference in lap times was a worry for him.

As the race ended where he moved from 5th to 9th and ended the race on 4th, he said that given all that transpired on the weekend. He was at the end satisfied to be in 4th behind Red Bull driver Vettel, McLaren's Lewis Hamilton and Renault's Vitaly Petrov .


"In qualifying we were very far from Vettel's Red Bull and far from Hamilton's McLaren but in the race the situation improved - perhaps not compared to Sebastian but certainly against the others," said Alonso.

"Twelve points is not far below the world champion's average last year and two title contenders finished behind me. So, overall, the Australian Grand Prix can't be defined as disastrous."

Fernando Alonso is expected to spend few more days in Australia, before he flies out to Malaysia for the next race. Sepang circuit will host the 2nd race of the season on 10th of April.  Alonso believes that next race will be a big test for all teams, and Ferrari is sure to improve on the first weekend display.

Fernando Alonso missed out on the world championship by just two points last season, when he did not manage to finish the race in top four. The Spaniard has won two world championships, and was the one who did not allow Michael Schumacher to end his career with a championship by beating him to the title in 2005 and 2006. 


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