Fernando Alonso: The car is good but the season is tougher

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  • Fernando Alonso: The car is good but the season is tougher

Fernando Alonso: The car is good but the season is tougher

Ferrari driver, Fernando Alonso proclaimed that the team’s new car seems good to him but it is too early to predict if it was really title winning.

Ferrari was the first team this season to inaugurate its car. On the 28th of January the team’s new package was unveiled outside the Ferrari team Factory at Maranello, in Italy. It hit the track at the first pre-season test session on 1st of February. After testing the car on the first two days of the session, the driver revealed that he was happy with the initial results but could not predict the title yet.

Earlier this week, the Formula One supremo, Bernie Ecclestone and the Red Bull driver, Mark Webber tipped the two-time world champion for title contention this season. Both the men proclaimed that Ferrari’s F150, which was three tenths faster than the new Red Bull car at the second day of practice could help him grab the third title of his career.

However, while talking to the media earlier today the Spaniard stated, "I have nothing to say about it. Expectations are naturally high but it's the same for all the drivers with the big teams. What gives you some peace of mind is that you know that a bad year at Ferrari or McLaren will have you fifth, while at some other teams you might not be in Q3.”

When asked about his aspirations and expectations for the upcoming season, the 29-year-old stated that so far all seems good and nothing really makes him worried. He further added that he likes the car but it was too early to tell if the car was better than the others on the grid.

Furthermore, he was asked about his experience of the new Pirelli tyres. Like all the other drivers, Alonso also criticised the tyres saying that they have high degradation, inconsistency and handling problems. However, he added that he hopes things will be better before the first race of the season, the Bahrain Grand Prix begins.

Alonso said, "It is true that they degrade but it was worse on the first day. We have made some setup changes that have helped us, while others have improved maybe less. The truth is that adapting the car to the tyres is one of the main challenges."

Pirelli will be seen at the Formula One tracks for the first time in decades. Until the last race of the 2010 season, Bridgestone had been the sole tyre provider for the sport.