FIFA 2010 World Cup: World Cup Songs

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  • FIFA 2010 World Cup: World Cup Songs

FIFA 2010 World Cup: World Cup Songs 

It is accepted now that there are countries in the world that are not exactly football fans and all men must know that it’s not an easy task to make a man watch a sport that he dislikes. Though admittedly the task is easier when women come into play, especially when she knows how to sing, dance and is quite attractive.


Shakira would be the one to blame for that situation and the song would be the Official FIFA World Cup song ‘Waka Waka (this time for Africa). Well that isn’t just the only song to have taken over the globe so is Russell Brand and Robbie William’s improvement of England's unofficial soccer song, ‘Three Lions’.


From that awakes one of the toughest crowds to tame would be the Americans who have actually not just called the game by its other name soccer but have a rare audience in comparison to their humongous population. This year however their interest has definitely spiked with their team entering the final stages of the World Cup and those number of sound tracks that have infested into the minds of millions.


The Colombian sensational singing and dancing goddess, Shakira has also produced a version known as the ‘Afro-techno ‘Waka Waka’ rallying up with the locals, as she says, ‘especially for them’.


R. Kelly (I Believe I Can Fly) has also fired up his best with limerick called ‘Sign of a Victory’. The lyrics are considered to sentimental and touching as usual and his unique touch of elegance is present as always.


However probably the most blockbuster would be the Somalia Canadian rapper K'Naan’s Coca-Cola sponsored song the “Wavin’ Flag”. The song truly settles in the African setup with the help of Will.I.Am and David Guetta. The inspirational song about never giving up has stirred the hearts of many while the song’s lyrics can be heard from any football fan on the planet.


Well if Coca Cola was up to something there was no chance that Pepsi will want to stay behind. They in response quickly setup Akon and Keri Hilson starring Lionel Messi of Argentina and Ivory Coast's Didier Drogba and named the sensation “Oh Africa”, which is also imprinted on the minds of many.


With the World Cup going on it would be foolish to assume that Bono would be left out it also. He along with Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo and John Legend covered a famous African song named ‘Move on up’.


Another shocking production from the underdogs for the World Cup anthem was the remake of ‘Tears for Fears’, ‘Shout’ eventually named as ‘Shout for England’. It is created by the U.K. rapper Dizzee Rascal and actor James Corden. It also links with the notorious Simon Cowell.


It won’t be wrong to say that England has performed well beyond their capability so far in this tournament. Considering the fact that they have the most number of anthems for the World Cup produced from their country, their fans must be bitterly disappointed. The New York's We Are Scientists have also a song made for England named, ‘Goal! England’ which also stars: T. Rex.


All these songs and it’s time to mention official FIFA Mascot song originated from Cuban-American rapper Pitbull, who with the collaboration of South African group TKZee and England's Dario G  started "Game On."


FIFA itself hosts contests and segments for World Cup songs and have endorse soundtracks. For instance “Listen Up!” The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album which features: Nneka ("Viva Africa"), Matisyahu Nameless ("One Day"), Wyclef Jean, J Pre, Jazmine Sullivan and B. Howard ("Ke Nako"), and late South African opera singer Siphiwo Ntshebe (known as the "black Pavarotti") featuring former South African president Nelson Mandela ("Hope").


There is also the World Cup Song Contest that attracts a large crowd with about 400 entries; this year will sure create a lot of buzz.