FIFA 2010 World Cup: The latest World Cup play by France casts Sarkozy, Domenech, Evra, Anelka and crew plus extras

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  • FIFA 2010 World Cup: The latest World Cup play by France casts Sarkozy, Domenech, Evra, Anelka and crew plus extras

FIFA 2010 World Cup: The latest World Cup play by France casts President Sarkozy, Domenech, Evra, Anelka and crew plus extras 



The French really don’t know how to end their troubles or they would have done that by now. Their most recent acts have led them to be more disjointed and disunited than ever before. The string of events that led to this new jeopardy is now leaving a whole new hole that could lead to different perspectives about their participation in the tournament.


The latest training session by the Les Bleus headed to a new disaster and the team unity had been left at peril; when a disagreement in the training field led the squad to quarrel among themselves. It was utterly disappointing because the start of the quarrel had no involvement of them whatsoever.


The training session that started early in the morning fell to dismay and perplexity and later was brought to an end when a quandary starting between the officials, management and captain erupted into frustrations being released in sharp words being thrown at each other and the expressing of force by throwing of things.

Sources have revealed that the French team’s coach Raymond Domenech got himself in to an intense debate with the Les Bleus skipper Patrice Evra and the team’s fitness coach Robert Duverne. This obviously had no good impact with them all throwing a tantrum about their power and throwing their handed possessions to the ground.

Hereafter the players too got entangled in the development and the whole situation became a mess with lies, back biting and taunts at each other. The situation at that moment was mostly hushed up and the rest took place indoors and out of earshot. Later all the players returned to their bus expecting to be taken back to their hotel which finally happened after massive delays.

This will clearly create an outrage back in France; where the fans are already unhappy with the coach Raymond and his team’s performance. The situation is a lucid humiliation for the French Football Federation’s director Jean-Louis Valentin who has declared that he is about to resign from his post and return back to Paris.

The French man Valentin has disappointingly stated, “I am nauseated and disgusted, and this is a scandal for the Federation, the team of France and the entire country. They do not want to be involved, and it is unacceptable”.

Sources have revealed from within the French squad that the players are boycotting the sending off of their star striker Nicolas Anelka. Domench made this decision after the Chelsea player made judgmental remarks after the team’s 2-0 demolition against Mexico.

This new tragedy is just one of the few latest dilemmas that string together the recent difficulties for France. They were on the verge of losing their stars Frank Ribery and Karim Benzema (who actually wasn’t selected for the squad) due to a sex scandal. They were both involved with sex in with a minor. She apparently was a call girl (escort) who they allegedly misunderstood.


Their poor performance against novice teams and the untimely injuries of their important players is another issue that is on the haunting them continuously.


The support for Anelka is not coming just from the French team. His fellow team mate from Chelsea Didier Drogba has also shown his support. The Ivoirian expressed, “He has been a team-mate for two-and-a-half years. Yes, I support him”.


The Legendary player Zinedine Zidane has also expressed hi s regrets for the occurrence of the current situation when the French team refused to train for the World Cup prior to the game. An incident that now has even involved the country’s President, Nikolas Sarkozy. Zidane dejectedly stated, “There was a lot of debate around the team, but I wore the colours of the team and I am a supporter of the team, despite the things that are happening, which is a pity. But there is still hope and tomorrow's game will be important and I hope that we can still go through”.


Still he eliminated the speculation of him being involved in the coaching of the French team and added on an optimistic note, “Personally, when I was a player I never gave an opinion of who should play and who should not play, the team has a coach and I respected my coach when I was a player. I played my role as a captain and that is how I think it should be. I have no will to be France coach in future”.


This will probably be the team’s last match in South Africa in a long time. Les Bleus are expected to face South Africa in their final group match versus hosts South Africa on Tuesday.



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