FIFA 2010 World Cup: Loew uncertain of future with Germany

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  • FIFA 2010 World Cup: Loew uncertain of future with Germany

FIFA 2010 World Cup: Loew uncertain of future with Germany

The Germans were outclassed by the Spanish in the battle for the entrance in the bout that could hand over all the glory. Though the score line represented just a 1-0 victory for the La Furia Roja it was enough o make sure the Spanish proceeded to the final.

Though the score board showed the Spanish thwarting the German invasion by just 1 goal but it no way suggested that the Spanish hadn’t out outsmarted the Joachim Loew and his men in each and every department of the game.

The Spanish played an extremely interesting strategy. They frustrated by Germans by keeping possession and making pragmatic and prudent passes, ultimately always being on the offence. Their technical and professional play got to the Germans and they though ran hard after the ball and tried to close in on the Germans to factors could be noticed that lead to their defeat.

As it is well known that the German squad this World Cup was one of the youngest teams in South Africa on the other hand it certainly was the youngest team ever to be sent on the tournament by Germany. Due to this reason and the absence of the veteran midfielder and original captain of Germany Michael Ballack the Germans were at a disadvantage in the game.

The second reason was clearly their coach. No matter how sharp Joachim Loew maybe he certainly couldn’t counter the Spanish strategy. For instance, throughout the tournament the German passing and chemistry between players has been impeccable. Couldn’t he have answered the Spanish with a similar strategy instead of launching a counter attack whenever they got the chance to do so. They actually made the Spanish assault easier with their failed attempts.

Many critics have blamed the young and inexperienced Joachim Loew for the defeat. The 50 year old Loew himself too has been quiet on his future plans establishing that his future as the coach of Germany is yet uncertain.

Sources have revealed that the four year contract he signed with the German Football Association (DFB) actually became void on the 30th of June and though Loew and his men have produced one of the best examples of how to play football Loew does not seem confidently at his future.

While talking to media after the his Loew’s side loss due to defender Carles Puyol’s 74th minute superman style header, Loew told about his future uncertainly, “Any talk about the position will only be spoken about after the World Cup. This team will get stronger over the next two years, irrespective of which coach is in charge”.

In spite of injuries before tournament the German guns have impressed everyone with their fast offensive game play. They now go head to head against Uruguay in contest for acquiring the 3rd place in the tournament at Port Elizabeth.

One thing is for sure that the German midfielders Mesut Ozil and Thomas Mueller have stunned the World with their skill and will be strong nominees for the Best Young Player Award of the tournament.

Loew will soon have to decide if he wants to stay with the German squad for the Euro 2012 which will take place in Poland and Ukraine. Their first match will be on 3rd of September against Belgium in Brussels. Loew and Zwanziger though are eager to work together it has been Loew will have to start talks again with DFB.

Loew came in to replace Jurgen Klinsmann after the last World which was held in Germany. Loew has reputed himself as a intelligent strategist. There is speculation however that Loew could be replaced and the possible names are being suggested by the head of DFB Matthias Sammer who has been around since Loew was in 2006.


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