FA Cup highlight: Chelsea FC 7 Ipswich Town 0

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  • FA Cup highlight: Chelsea FC 7 Ipswich Town 0

Chelsea turned on show of attacking prowess on Sunday evening as manager-less Ipswich Town visited wounded animal. The team gave a packed Stamford Bridge something to cheer about after poor run of performances.

Salomon Kalou opened the scoring for Blues as he right footed his kick into the left side of the net with the approximation of six yards to surprise Fulop and score for Chelsea.

Daniel Sturridge scored the second goal with another right foot kick from six yards into the left lower corner of the goal post while Fulop was still recovering from Kalou's first goal.

The two goals for Chelsea happened in 33 minutes and surprised the spectators as well as those who were participating in the match. Ipswich Town was shocked and were unable to respond rapidly to the events that were unfolding. David Norris received a yellow card for unsporting behavior.

Carlos Edwards gave Chelsea the impetuous as he was guilty of scoring an own goal giving the home side a three nil advantage going into half-time. The goal meant game was over as a contest and this gave Chelsea confidence to attack as Ipswich were stuck in their own half. Chelsea continued their domination and appeared to be enjoying themselves in the process.

In the 49 minute, Nicolas Anelka kicked a low ball from the right penalty area from around twelve yards out to score goal number four. He was ably assisted by the brilliant Salomon Kalou whose pin point cross from right wing found Anelka in ample space and he finished neatly from a tight angle.

Lampard found Sturridge with his trade mark long pass on the right penalty area, who grasped the ball with a delightful first touch and kicked the ball from approximately 18 yards out with his right foot towards the upper right corner of the goal post to score the fifth goal. Chelsea were now five nil up within 52 minutes of the match. Ipswich could only look at what was transpiring and any attempt to salvage the situation only complicated things.

Frank Lampard finally nailed the coffin in Ipswich's match against Chelsea. He scored within a space of two minutes to send Chelsea into next round. His first was a right foot curler from around 20 yards out and into the left corner. The second was even better as he struck into the center with his left foot from around six yards to round off an inevitable victory.

The most valued players of the match were Frank Lampard, Nicolas Anelka, Salomon Kalou, and Daniel Sturridge for their contributions in this match. Chelsea next face Everton at Goodison Park.

Final Score: Chelsea 7 Ipswich Town 0


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