“Every match against Cuba is unbelievable”, says the Brazilian Captain Giba

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  • “Every match against Cuba is unbelievable”, says the Brazilian Captain Giba

“Every match against Cuba is unbelievable”, says the Brazilian Captain Giba

Precisely yes, that’s what Brazilian Skipper Giba (Godoy Filho Gilberto) said on Wednesday, July 6 after scoring a wonderful victory against Cuba. The South American Team clashed with the Caribbean side in the second match of on-going 2011 FIVB World League Final Round. The beautiful Ergo Arena in Polish City Gdansk provided grounds for the thrilling encounter on Wednesday. It was a point-to-point battle from start till end. However, Team Brazil managed to overcome the power of resilient rivals and claimed success over Cuba by posting 3-2 (18-25, 21-25, 25-16, 30-28, and 15-12). 

Following the cracking fight, Brazilian Captain Giba stated that Cuba has always been a great competitor for Brazil. He acknowledged that Cuban team was totally prepared for the match and like always they had a strong team-line. He remember the final match of 2010 FIVB Men’s World Championship in Italy, where Cuba gave Brazil a hard time. Giba complimented them saying that they are very good as team. Speaking of his own team, he commented: “We have 12 players, it does not matter who starts in the line-up. We play for the team. Now we have to think about the next game. ” 

The Head Coach of Brazilian team, Bernardo Rezende also expressed his views about the match and Cuban team. First and foremost, he appreciated the effort of his counter-part Cuban Head Coach Orlando Samuels Blackwood for assembling a great team. Rezende said that Cuban team was mostly comprised of younger players than last year but still they worked out great progress. Furthermore, he commented about Brazilian team. He said: “Maybe I made some wrong decisions today, but this is what my job is about. This is what coaches do, we make decisions. I am very unhappy with the attitude of my team in the first part of the match; thankfully it was better in the second part. Now we have other difficult matches ahead, with teams more experienced and older.” 

Cuban Captain Wilfredo Leon had similar thoughts about the match. He said opening phase of the match was good but later on his side made too many unforced mistakes, which ultimately led them to a set-back in the important match. Yet he was happy with the attitude of his team. He said they entered the court without three of their best players, but still managed to engage Brazil in a hard toil.

In the end, Orlando Samuels Blackwood the Cuban Coach dropped out his thoughts. He said: “I am happy with the way my team fought today. After lessons like this maybe one day we will be able to win with a team like Brazil. (Robertlandy) Simon is not able to play, but we have to deal with it.”

Brazil will now play against United States in the next match on Thursday, while Cuba is set to take World No. 2 Russia.


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