Did Margarito Really Cheated against Cotto or is Cotto Being Whacky?

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  • Did Margarito Really Cheated against Cotto or is Cotto Being Whacky?

We all know that Cotto, after his defeat, has been enraged. He has accused Margarito of cheating over and over again but has failed to provide any evidence to date. In fact, frankly speaking, Cotto can never come up with evidence enough to prove Margarito. However, he does have a couple of pictures ad film shots of the fight and the post-fight moments to establish his accusation as a valid fact. So, the big question here is, what exactly does Cotto want? Since the Margarito vs. Cotto is round the corner, it’s important for Cotto to focus on his practice instead of focusing on his anger. But, it seems like Cotto wants to play it hard this time. He doesn’t want to prepare for it. All he wants is to get his hands on Margarito in the ring and avenge his 2008 defeat.

In his recent interview, Cotto claimed that he has a picture clearly showing Margarito using plaster of Paris in his wraps. Previously, most of Margarito fans, critics and other industry professionals said that Cotto is creating issues over nothing and that Margarito defeated him straight forward without any cheating. For them, Margarito had given a great performance in his bout with Cotto. He survived the harsh beating from Cotto in the initial and later gave more gruesome beating to Cotto and knocked him out. Cotto has been saying all this since his defeat but no one paid attention to it. To most of us, his claims were like the fading cries of owls but now there’s a twist in the story. After Margarito was caught cheating in his bout against Mosley, Cotto’s accusations all of a sudden sound realistic.

This is the spot where Cotto can capitalize on. In fact, he is already doing so. In his recent interview he said that Margarito is a cheater and he should be man enough to accept it. Well, the only issue that still remains is that no official investigation has been conducted and is likely to be conducted on Margarito over the accusations made by Cotto.

Most critics are now of the view that Margarito didn’t go it against Mosley the first time. In fact, this would have been an ongoing practice for Margarito and he always sneaked out with it. However, in the Mosley fight he got caught and his license was cancelled for a year. Now here’s the bigger picture – whether he cheated or not, will Cotto be afraid of his beating in their upcoming match? You see the way Cotto has been reacting, it seems like he’s not really focusing on his practicing and strategy instead he is trying to make everyone believe that he’s a better fighter and Margarito is a cheater. If that’s the case then why did Cotto ask for a rematch?

Also, another factor that made Cotto look incompetent in the match was that his strategy of attacking first failed. By the 6th and 7th rounds, Cotto was too exhausted to fight back and he went on defending himself. To a certain extent we can say that even if Margarito hadn’t cheated (which is the prevailing fact since nothing has been established otherwise) he would have beaten Cotto. Initially, Cotto was full of energy and he lashed out a number of perfect head and body shots on Margarito but later on in the game Margarito gave out one of his most outstanding performances by beating the hell out of Cotto.

Just some questions for Cotto – what exactly are you planning on? Do you want to fight Margarito back or just have another defeat which you can call fair and square?


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