Departure of Fernando Torres Has Benefited Liverpool

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  • Departure of Fernando Torres Has Benefited Liverpool

Departure of Fernando Torres Has Benefited Liverpool

Currently, everyone associated with Liverpool FC seems happier. Things have been moving towards improvement ever since Roy Hodgson was replaced with Liverpool’s own Kenny Dalglish. However, more people are happy because Fernando Torres has left Liverpool and it was also expressed by their director of football Damien Comolli.

Liverpool’s owner John W Henry expressed similar feelings in another interview with the press. He said that one player was not happy with Liverpool and everyone is happier since he left the club. Comolli also pointed out that the club was better with two players who wanted to play at Anfield. He said that the atmosphere had changed considerably since the player was bad influence on his fellow teammates.

There is no doubt that everyone is happy at Anfield because it was a great deal for the club. Fernando Torres was bought by Chelsea at the record price in English Premier League transfers history. The club was paid £50 million and they added a few bucks to bring in two players who seem to be better than the Spaniard. Luis Suarez made a name for himself in the World Cup for Uruguay and he was one of the two players to join the ranks. The other one was Andy Carroll, who is going to be a big prospect in the future.

Ever since Torres left, things have been different for the club and Kenny Dalglish. Out of six matches, Liverpool won four and drew one match. They have lost only one game against West Ham United. However, there have been some memorable moments in their season as well. They faced Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge and came out victorious. Apart from this, Liverpool hosted their archrivals Manchester United at Anfield. That was the biggest moment of the season for the Reds who emerged victorious by the score of 3-1.

This is a big turnaround and right now Liverpool look confident to finish their season on a high note. They are in the sixth place but they can take on fourth place of Manchester City, who looks shakier than the Reds at the moment. However, this is a far-fetched idea and finishing in the current position would be a major boost considering the fact that they remained in the bottom half of the table for many weeks.

Also, the new signings have proved to be very vital for the Reds. Suarez showed his quality on his debut when he ended up with his name on the score-sheet. He was also the key player against Manchester United as he annihilated their defence with a brilliant performance. Andy Carroll was injured when he came into the squad but he has played a couple of league matches now. His strength lies in his aerial abilities and he is a major threat to the teams who are weak in defending set pieces. He was the goal scorer against Arsenal in Newcastle’s famous victory at the Emirates Stadium this season.

On the other hand, Fernando Torres had become a liability for the Reds. The striker’s form has dropped considerably ever since he picked up an injury before the World Cup in South Africa. Torres was well known for his agility, i.e. his pace and acceleration, which has dropped in the last year. Therefore, he is no longer a potent threat and with some poor performances his confidence is also shaky. It is obvious from the fact that he has yet to score for his new club Chelsea. Already, people are questioning the price tag on Torres, who has miserably failed to live up to the expectations.

In a nut shell, it was a great decision by the Reds to let the striker go, especially for this price. He would have only made things worse as he had already shown his displeasure about the club. Torres wanted to win trophies but with Chelsea he has lower chances because Liverpool is the club on the rise once again.


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