Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi to face off in friendly

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi to face off in friendly

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi to face off in friendly

Argentina is all set to take on Portugal in a friendly international encounter in Switzerland on 9 February 2011.

The Euro 2012 qualifier will be a clash between Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentinean striker Lionel Messi, and as the match is drawing closer, the hype is at the peak.

The game is also important for Argentina Sergio Batista, the Argentina’s coach, will use the chance to test out new players prior to the Copa America, which will be played on home soil in July.

The Argentinean striker scored a hat-trick against Atletico Madrid on 5th February. Ronaldo, however, was under continuous pressure for having a woeful run during the current spell of the La Liga season.  However, Ronaldo proved his coin after Real Madrid thrashed Real Sociedad by 4-1. The duo is widely ranked as the best all over the world and the European media is shedding some more light on their epics on the field.

The Argentinean scored his first goal of 2011 during a sensational 4-0 victory over Deportivo. The maestro assisted with a well-disguised ball to David Villa to open the scoring of the game. Another goal scored by Messi was a curling free kick just from 25 yards far from the post. Cristiano Ronaldo, on the other hand, scored his fourth hat-trick of the season in a 4-2 victory over Villarreal. Ronaldo brought his Real Madrid tally to 63 goals in just 62 matches.

The Argentinean player was given the accolades of FIFA Ballon d’ Or twice when he defeated his own team fellows Xavi and the Spaniard World Cup final star Andres Iniesta. The feud started when the Atletico Madrid boss flared a proclamation to media stating, "Messi is the Di Stefano of 21st century.”

He was of the view that the player was the world’s best player and has the ability to hypnotise his opponents. He stated, “We had no choice. The club has struggled and there is nothing to say about it. It's difficult to win in the Camp Nou, and to beat Barcelona. The situation is complicated and you just have to get on with it. Messi is the best player I've seen. Barcelona is a great team.”

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has admitted that would select Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of Lionel Messi for his team if his forced to choose either of them..Sergio Ramos favoured the Portuguese magician, stating that both Messi and Ronaldo had scored 24 goals so far. In an international friendly training session held at Las Rozas, he said that he would pick Ronaldo ahead of Lionel Messi. Sports daily Marca, a Madrid based newspaper, argued that though Messi had won the Ballon d’ Or twice, yet Ronaldo was a complete player in the football game.


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