Crab Orchard cruise past Bendabout in USPA Piaget Gold Cup - US Polo Report

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  • Crab Orchard cruise past Bendabout in USPA Piaget Gold Cup - US Polo Report

Crab Orchard cruise past Bendabout in USPA Piaget Gold Cup - US Polo Report

Julio Arellano scored eight goals but to no avail, as Crab Orchard punched a convincing 13-10 win over Bendabout in the USPA Piaget Gold Cup being contested at the International Polo Club, Wellington.

The opening two losses at the start of the season was a big blow for Crab Orchard, which was the high-goal foursome of the last season at the International Polo Club. But thanks to Du Plessis’s five goals which made the victory possible for Crab Orchard in the opening competition of the tournament.

Both teams started the game at very fast pace but could not score many goals in the first period. Du Plessis opened the chukka through a penalty conversion and put his team ahead on the scoreboard. But Julio Arellano connected on a spot shot for Bendabout and had it all even at one-all at the end of the first set of play.

Arellano in the second frame added another goal and established their lead in the game. But the lead could not last for long as du Plessis scored off another spot shot and tied the knots at two-all before going into the third chukka.

Hilario Ulloa and du Plessis scored a couple of goals in the third frame and upped the Crab Orchard lead to two goals. But a solitary Bendabout goal went up on the scoreboard from Arellano and cut the lead down to a single point. The first half action was concluded with Crab Orchard holding a narrow one point, 4-3 advantage.

The duo teams started more offensive game in the second half as one wanted to hold back the lead while other wanted to level the score. Ulloa notched a couple of goals while his team-mate du Plessis added another score and stretched the Crab Orchard lead up to four scores. Gillian Johnston, the skipper of Bendabout marked a field goal while Arellano nailed two goals to creep the score close. Bendabout was trailing a narrow one goal 7-6 after the four-chukka action.

Legendary 10-goal player, Adolfo Cambiaso took four frames to warm up and ran up three field goals in the second last period. He displayed an outstanding game and ruined the defence-line of Bendabout.

His team-mate Ulloa connected on another penalty shot which was countered by a couple of goals from Arellano and cut the lead down to three goals. Another Bendabout goal was scored from Johnston to end the fifth set of play with Bendabout chasing two points, 11-9.

The final set of play was opened with a goal from Arellano to decrease the Crab Orchard lead to a solitary score. But it was the only offence from Bendabout in the game and it remained scoreless in the remaining period.

Fabled star, Cambiaso notched another goal from the field while du Plessis connected on a spot shot and sealed the Crab Orchard triumph at 13-10.

Du Plessis lit the lamp five times while his team-mates Cambiaso and Ulloa added four goals each in the victory.

Arellano was highest scorer of the match with eight goals but these could not save him from the defeat. Gillian Johnston added two goals in the loss.


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