Concerns about Roy Hodgson's future with Liverpool

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  • Concerns about Roy Hodgson

Concerns about Roy Hodgson's future with Liverpool

Roy Hodgson had failed to impress as a manager with Liverpool. He had managed 127 games for Fulham before joining Liverpool. So far with Liverpool he has managed 29 games and won only 12 in all the competitions. He was appointed as a manager on 1st July 2010 after Rafael Benitez opted to join Inter Milan. He is severely under scrutiny and fears that he might be fired by the owner. His dream job is at risk after string of poor results in English Premier League. Inside news from the camp is that he delivered farewell speech to the staff and the players in dressing room. The speech was followed after 3-1 shocking defeat against minnow Blackburn.

A Kop cited in the newspaper and said "Roy was very down and emotional. He said things like 'It's been a pleasure working with you all but I'm sure the owners will want me out after this.” The situation looks gloomy for Roy Hodgson as the fans are demanding for Kenny Dalglish to replace Roy Hodgson. Kenny Dalglish has himself in favour of Roy Hodgson and wants him to be the manager till the end of the season. Kevin Keegan, a known figure at Liverpool believes that Roy Hodgson is the best man to manage the club. He continued saying in optimism that "the opportunity comes at Manchester United to get back on track.” Liverpool is due to play against Manchester United on Sunday in the FA Cup.

Keegan stated his views "It's a tough one. Liverpool is a big club, big expectation, underperformed over a number of years - way before Roy Hodgson went in there. They've got to give him time but it's the one thing you don't get, as we all know. The clock ticks on the wall and managers don't get time.” Steve McManaman echoed the voice of Steve Keegan and said "Beat Man United, win the next league game, beat Everton, and everything's rosy again.” Steve McMahon has same views and second the thought of Keegan and McManaman, he believes that beating Manchester United will trigger the success and Liverpool can continue from there to win next games. Experts also suggest that the entire fault should not be linked with Roy Hodgson. Few of the key team members were injured and some of them were severely out of form, resulting adverse situation of the club and the manager.


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