Comparing the UEFA Champions League Quarter Finalists to ICC Cricket World Cup Quarter Finalists (Part 7)

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  • Comparing the UEFA Champions League Quarter Finalists to ICC Cricket World Cup Quarter Finalists (Part 7)

Comparing the UEFA Champions League Quarter Finalists to ICC Cricket World Cup Quarter Finalists (Part 7)

Manchester United - Australia

Both the teams, in their respective sports, are considered to be one of the best sides in the world. While Australia have won the highest amount of Cricket World Cups, Manchester United have won their domestic title for the highest amount of time.

Whenever Australia are performing in a big competition, it is never easy to write them off. On the other hand, counting Manchester United out from a big competition is also impossible. Both the teams are big match winners and definitely perform when it really matters.

Sir Alex Ferguson helped Manchester United become what they are today. Despite having a relatively weaker team this season, he is still at the top of the table in the English Premier League. For the last few seasons, Manchester United have managed to come at least in the semi finals of the competition. Even though the Red Devils did not make it to the semis last season, they were in the finals in both the seasons before that.

On the other hand, Australia did not have a single spinner during the ICC Cricket World Cup this year. Even though they had all-rounders who could spin, they were simply not specialists. Australia managed to reach the quarter finals despite being an unbalanced side this year. For the last three times the Australians performed in the cricket world cup, they won the tournament.

Just like Manchester United’s out-of-form striker Wayne Rooney, Ricky Ponting could not give out a performance throughout the competition. However, both the players did perform where it really mattered. Wayne Rooney was able to give out an extraordinary performance against Marseille during the pre quarter finals as he helped the team with two wonderful assists which helped them win the game 2-1 against the French side.

On the other hand, Ricky Ponting showed the world his extraordinary batting style while playing an important game against India. While the rest of the Australians were being bowled out by the Indian bowlers, Ponting was able to score a century and showed all the cricket fans why he was once known to be one of the best batsmen in the world. On the other hand, Wayne Rooney was known as one of the deadliest strikers last season and could not keep up to his reputation this season.

The Australian bowler Brett Lee was once considered to be one of the best fast bowlers in the world. He was able to give out a good performance this season but everyone knows that he might be on the verge of retirement. On the other hand, Manchester United’s right back position is vacant after their first team right back Garry Neville announced that he is retiring.

The only replacement for Brett Lee at the moment looks to be Shaun Tait. On the other hand, the replacement for Gary Neville was the Brazilian full back and the youngster Rafael de Silva. Both the players, in their respective sports, showed that they cannot perform under pressure.

Rafael earned himself a red card against Bayern Munich last season and literally helped the Germans steal the match away from Manchester United. On the other hand, Shaun Tait gave away 52 runs in only 7 overs that he bowled against India.

Both the teams are definitely the same when it comes down to tournaments. While Manchester United are a team that all the other teams fear, Australia are ranked at number 1 even though they are not the favourites to win the ICC Cricket World Cup.


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