Colin Donald, father of Luke Donald died left tear-filled eyes behind

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  • Colin Donald, father of Luke Donald died left tear-filled eyes behind

Colin Donald, father of Luke Donald died last Monday; he left many tear-filled eyes behind him. Luke Donald, no 1 golfer of the world shared this news with sad face and gloominess. Luke Donald faced bad and good news last week. His wife gave a birth to second daughter and on the other hand his father died.

Luke Donald didn’t played at HSBC-Shanghai Open, in order to be available to her wife in Chicago as she was expecting a baby. He wants to be a good father and a husband that’s why he didn’t showed his professional skills in world champion’s event.

It is hard to quit a tournament as it will be a chance for those who are enough capable to be one the top. Donald absence in HSBC-Shanghai Open gave a positive chance for his rivals to snatch top 1 position from him, but he didn’t care for his position. The only important thing for Donald is his family.

After the death of his father, his wife gave birth to a daughter named Sophia Donald. Life is very strange, when one elder left him, a younger baby start reached his home with full happiness and making his life complete.

Donald on Monday thanked all for offered sympathies "It's a difficult time and your support means a lot to me, With death there is pain and loss, but out of that comes light and appreciation. Appreciate what you have. I miss you dad."

Donald was very sad to lose his father, he was attached to him. This loss may affect his performance in upcoming events. Well the newly born daughter may make him on the right path and he will be continuing his successful year in future as well.

Donald reached at the top level in golf; he achieved the top position on money list in PGA tour and European Tour in the same year. None other golfer claimed such high achievement ever before. His career includes many victories in PGA and European tours and this year is the most successful year of his career as well.

Luke Donald’s management company, IMG also showed their sympathy to Donald "Our deepest condolences are with Luke and Diane Donald and their family, after the passing of Luke's father. They are in the thoughts and prayers of the PGA Tour family,"

Colin Donald left many tearful eyes behind him, Luke Donald, his wife and daughters will be missing hiss assistance as a father and a grandfather. Presence of father and elder person his highly required in every family, but the truth is everyone has to go from this world. May Donald make him enough stable from upcoming tournaments and Colin Donald absence may not affect his professional golf career.


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