Coach Vincenzo Montella is to improve Team Roma in a mental style

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  • Coach Vincenzo Montella is to improve Team Roma in a mental style

Coach Vincenzo Montella is to improve Team Roma in a mental style

The new manager of Roma, Vincenzo Montella has claimed I Lupi mentally incapable of handling pressure. Hence the former Roma player announced that one of his main aims will be to restore confidence of the Italian outfit.

After his appointment as the new caretaker of Roma, the 36-year-old linked La Magica’s slump this season with reasons from within the club. Many other football experts have also concluded a trigger for the implosion to have originated from Roma’s lack of management.

Montella clarified his objectives in the unveiling ceremony. The ex-Italian international stated that rather than making changes in the whole squad, he would work with the men he has and strengthen their weaknesses.

Most football experts have agreed with Montella’s plan as Roma finished second last in season Serie A. With a few changes for the better, Roma listed the same team this season. So technically they should have been on top of the Serie A table but instead they are placed 8th.

They have played 25 matches and produced 39 points to achieve that. Though the season is near to an end, Roma still has a chance to break into the top 5 of Italy but that can only happen with the assistance of Lady Luck.

For now the major problem Montella and his men will have to overcome are psychological barriers. Nonetheless a few changes are expected in the summer break but that is if the former Sampdoria is handed reins of the Rome based club on a permanent basis.

Currently Montella is instated as the interim manager after Claudio Ranieri resigned from the throne of Stadio Olimpico. Raineri has had a decorated career having managed Napoli, Fiorentina, Atlético Madrid, Chelsea, Valencia, Parma and Juventus. With a long line of top notch clubs to boast about, a lot was expected from him this season.

The 59-year-old manager was under immense pressure with board and media scrutinizing over his recent failures. Tactically the manager had shown poor form which had resulted in the recent humiliating defeats.

It was the match against Genoa that drew the final nail in his coffin. I Lupi were dominating the match with a lead of 3 goals but the Romans saw their jaw drop when they lost the match 4-3.

The weekend disaster brought forth a new wave of criticism forcing Raineri to quit. La Magica will have to produce a real miracle if they hope of entering into European competition next season. A shot at Champions League seems out of hand but Europa League is still in reach. Montella pointed his main course of action will be to reunite the team, increase self belief and confidence. He stated on the issue, “I think the team's main problem is above all a mental block. The players are sensitive and they are carrying inside them this big weight. They need to free themselves from this burden, and this is the first step we need to take so that they can play to their true potential.”

Earlier some football analyst had labelled skipper Francesco Totti as the main reason behind all the chaos after he had a quandary with the manager and board however now it has become clear his involvement had little to do with the whole dilemma. The challenge now 36-year-old Montella will be facing is the recognition of his authority in Serie A.

He happens to be the youngest coach in the Italian League and with the least amount of experience. Roma is actually the first team he is managing. Montella articulated on the issue saying, “This was not my idea but I have accepted this role with calmness. My aim is to do well until the end of the season, when my contract expires. I will bring out my best to help the team, but the future does not interest me. I'm just concentrating on the task at hand.”




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