Cleveland Cavaliers lose Joey Graham and Leon Powe

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  • Cleveland Cavaliers lose Joey Graham and Leon Powe

Cleveland Cavaliers lose Joey Graham and Leon Powe

After enduring a ten match losing streak, before finally pinning down the New York Knicks, the Gold and Wine are embroiled in another dilemma.

It was learnt on Sunday that forward Joey Graham will miss the next two to three weeks, with a partial tear in his right quad. Graham has been one of the best defensive players for the Cavaliers this season. The 6ft7in burly forward, originally injured the right quad, during a training routine. He recovered quickly and made huge strides to work his way into the starting lineup.

It was a little too early perhaps. Graham aggravated his leg injury on Wednesday night against the Miami Heat, as he collided with Heat Guard, Dwyane Wade. Both of them tumbled into the stands, with Graham taking the brunt of the collision. Graham, who is averaging 7.1 points in 16 games, refuses to realize the gravity of his injury. The Cleveland star, who had an MRI, carried out on his troubled leg, sat in a relaxed pose on the chair in front of his locker. While stretching his legs, Graham proclaimed that he was ready to roll against the New York franchise. He articulated,

"It feels fine. But the MRI says something different. It’s a mind-set.Pain is just relative."

The Cleveland Cavaliers coach, Byron Scott was in a more cautious mood. With the losses already mounting up this season, the embattled coach was in no mood to take risks. He revealed that injury Graham suffered in the Cavaliers loss to Miami, will keep the power forward out for two to three weeks. Graham seemingly took the news well as he proclaimed,

"My body is a fast-healing body. I’ll be back before you know it."

To add to the injury woes, forward Leon Powe will also be on the sidelines for about a week, with a right finger abrasion. Lowe, who has been averaging 4.7 points and 2.7 rebounds per game this season, caught his right middle finger on the net, while attempting to dunk. This injury, during practice, caused a cut to his finger and forced him out for a week. The injuries mean that the Cavaliers coach will have to rethink and reshuffle the eight man rotation. This may be a blessing in disguise for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon, as they definitely come into reckoning after Graham’s injury.



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