Cleveland Browns will franchise kicker Phil Dawson

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  • Cleveland Browns will franchise kicker Phil Dawson

Cleveland Browns will franchise kicker Phil Dawson

A source reported that the Cleveland Browns will place their franchise tag on Phil Dawson, place kicker for the team.

Dawson has been the place kicker for the Browns since they came back to the NFL (National Football League) in 1999, retaining this position for all 12 seasons thereafter. He has been to the Pro Bowl two times, most recently in 2007 and remains the only player that is still on the original 1999 Browns’ team.

Dawson also holds the team record for most successive field goals, 27, and most field goals in a single game, 6. He is the leading scorer for the team and had another solid season this year, appearing in all 16 games of the season, with 23 field goals from 28 attempts.

Dawson was an undrafted player from the University of Texas and was picked up by the Oakland Raiders in 1998 but was soon waived from the team. He then went to the New England Patriots as part of their practice squad but never played a professional game with them. He was then given a chance by the Cleveland Browns, being signed for their inaugural team in March of 1999 and since then stayed with the Browns. Dawson is the seventh most accurate kicker in the NFL and broke the team’s field goal record with his 252 field goals for the team till date. Lou Groza held the record with 234 prior to Dawson.

Dawson scored the first points for the “new” Browns team in 1999 and scored the only touchdown of his career with fake field goal run in a loss against Cincinnati Bengals on October 10, 1999. Even though, Dawson made a 58 yard field goal in a preseason game on August 14, 2010, his longest field goal during regular season was 56 yards far, in 2008, which turned out to be the game winning score.

He has a reputation of helping out other players as well. He launched his own website to develop kickers into clutch kickers through training camps and also help coaches improve their special teams. He is also featured at various coaching clinics, including Alamo City Coaches Clinic, Nike Coach of the Year Clinic, DFW Coaches Clinic and American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Convention.

Prior to the 2008 season, he was privileged with a rule being named after him, “Phil Dawson Rule.” This rule allows field goals and extra point attempts that hit the crossbar or uprights to be reviewed, because Dawson kicked two field goals during the 2007 season that hit the left upright, then the rear post and then passed the crossbar into the end zone. Officials discussed the play and said that the field goal was good. Plays were not reviewed at the time.

Dawson has made 252 of his 303 attempted field goals which is an astounding percentage of 83.2.