Christian Horner; not interested in Hamilton

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  • Christian Horner; not interested in Hamilton

Christian Horner; not interested in Hamilton: The manager of the Red Bull racing team of the Formula 1 circuit, Christian Horner has predicted about the British number one racing star Lewis Hamilton that if the Briton will not be able to win this year’s Formula 1 world championship event, than he will get more depressed regarding his racing career.

The new formula 1 season has about to start and the racing teams are finishing their preparations for the upcoming challenge. Very recently the current world champ German veteran driver Sebastian Vettel has extended his contract with his respective Red Bull team whereas on the other hand the Englishman Lewis has signed Simon Fuller’s company to be managed.

The expiry date of Hamilton’s contract with his McLaren team is still two years away but the Briton seems pretty upset with his current preparation for the upcoming season. Moreover he has also shown his dissatisfaction regarding his cars and the new Pirelli tyres. According to some Formula 1 sports critics the chances of winning the upcoming event are bleak for Lewis as currently he is not in the perfect state of mind to give his best over the racing tracks.

In a very recent interview the thirty seven years old Englishman Horner expressed his views about the future and current career of Lewis Hamilton. While answering to a question about Hamilton’s capacity to perform in the tournament, Horner said that Lewis is one of the best drivers of the world and no doubt he is one of the top contenders for the World Championship title.

When he was asked whether he is interesting in acquiring Lewis Hamilton in the future for the Red Bull team, the veteran manager said that the capability of the twenty six years old is not questionable but he has not thought about acquiring Hamilton for the team Red Bull.

Horner further told that the previous year was an under par year for the British veteran driver and one more year like that will make him more frustrated and unhappy with his team. He continued that currently he is not interested in Lewis and he is hoping that he will not require the 2008 world champ in the future as well.

Christian said that there is a lot of difference between Hamilton and Vettel, both the drivers are brilliant but both have different mindsets and priorities regarding their professional and personal lives. When he was asked whether Hamilton’s decision of hiring a manager was good or not, Horner said that he is very happy that Lewis has hired a manager and now it will ease a lot of pressure from his head. He continued that there should be a proper balance between the personal and private life because the private life of a sportsman affects the professional career as well therefore there should be a manager to deal with the issues regarding the career.

The upcoming season is no doubt very important for ace driver as he has recently told that his relationship with his father has started to get better and after a very long span he has finally been able to divert his focus towards racing. On the other hand he had also hired a manager for him which is a good sign as well and it is expected that his level of performance will increase with the help of Simon Fuller.

Now the fans of Lewis Hamilton are keen to see him showing his best over the racing tracks. The Briton also seems hungry for another title. But who will be able to clutch the glory this year, the time will reveal the answer and as a fan of the glitzy and glamorous world of Formula 1, we can just cheer for our favourite driver.