Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, NBA’s noticeable performances from 27 March games (PT 1)

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  • Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, NBA’s noticeable performances from 27 March games (PT 1)

Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, NBA’s noticeable performances from 27 March games (PT 1)

NBA: Here is an overview of some of the performances that really helped their teams in the nine contests that were held on 27Th March.

Thornton’s 11 for 21 shooting

Marcus Thornton in his game against the Philadelphia 76ers. The player had game high 32 points along with seven rebounds and four assists in the win. The player finished on a remarkable 11 for 21 overall shooting and pinned game high four 3-pointers for the leading team. He also made a steal of the opposition in his 49 minutes of action on the floor.

Dalembert hitting for Sixers

Samuel Dalembert faced his former team, the Sixers for the first time and did that with much courage. The newly acquired player had 13 points and grabbed a whopping 19 rebounds in the win. The player was 4 of 9 overall and posted 5 of 6 free throws for his team.

Thompson’s 15-11

Jason Thompson compiled 15 points and pulled out 11 rebounds in his 25 plus minutes off the bench.

Holiday- Philadelphia 76ers

Jrue Holiday had a marvelous game for the Sixers despite the loss. The guard was just one rebound of a double-double and had seven assists dished out on an 11 for 19 overall shooting. The player scored 28 points in the loss and also pinned a three-pointer. 

Meeks in a catapulting game

Jodie Meeks scored 22 points and clinched three shots from the 3-point territory to catapult his team ahead, finishing with 8 for 11 shooting from the field.

Hawes 16, 15

Spencer Hawes pinned a double-double with 16 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in 42 plus minutes of action. The player also hit 4 of 5 free throws and made a steal on opposition’s shot.

The Sixers deserve applause for playing so well despite the loss and coach Doug Collins was later quoted as saying, "We played with fire today. We got burned."

Marvin Williams- Hawks

Williams scored his season high 31 points and grabbed seven rebounds in 43 plus minutes on the floor. The player pinned three 3-pointers and knocked a whopping 10 of 11 free throws as the Hawks pawed out Cleveland Cavaliers. The player finished with a 9 for 14 shooting from the field to lead all his team.

Davis- Cleveland

Baron Davis came off the bench to help support the Cavaliers from a bigger slump. The player led all the team with 19 points finishing on a 6 for 14 shooting from the field and also notched two shots from the long range.

Miami’s Big Three’s 30-10

LeBron James led Miami Heat all the way to a tremendous win over the Houston Rockets. The All-Star forward catapulted Miami to stampede ahead the opposition and conquered 33 points plus 10 rebounds and seven assists in a game that was a blowout for the Rockets. The player did not have a single 3-pointer and had 13 for 21 shooting overall.

The Heat’s made history as the Big Three slashed the opposition by clinching 30, 10 in the win. Chris Bosh was the second person to post 31 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in 38 minutes. 

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