Chelsea’s new signing Fernando Torres worried about form

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  • Chelsea’s new signing Fernando Torres worried about form

Chelsea’s new signing Fernando Torres worried about form

Chelsea Football Club’s new striker Fernando Torres has seemingly lost his potency after his departure from Anfield, as he is struggling hard to score plethora of goals for his side to repay what Roman Abramovich has spent on him.

Fernando Torres was hired for a massive 50 million pounds from Anfield but he seemed to have been struggling with his woeful run during the 2010-11 season of the English Premier League.

When asked about his current form, the 26-year-old asserted that he would reply by scoring goals for his team so that his confidence could be restored. In his debut match, Chelsea was thrashed by Liverpool in a 1-0 sensational defeat.

However, Barcelona director Raul Sanllehi reportedly stated that Chelsea had paid too much for the Spaniard who’s not worth 50 million pounds. The Spain international joined the Blues in a record-breaking deal in the history of the Premier League on the final day of the closure of January transfer window. Sanllehi also said that it was overpriced deal and Barcelona would not have signed the Spanish. He was also shocked to hear the amount, especially in the winter.

The former Liverpool striker said, “To put so much money down for me speaks of Roman’s dreams to keep on making history. We want to repay him for this effort. I have to pay my debt on the pitch. It's beautiful he paid so much for me. When the season started I expected to play a lot to forget about my injuries. But Liverpool didn't start well. There was no light at the end of the tunnel.”

He further affirmed that he would fight for another six months [till the end of current spell]. The Spaniard also believes that his Liverpool fans are not happy with him. He told The Sun that he wanted his Liverpool fans to remember him. He also expressed the hope that his former admirers will understand his choice of leaving Anfield.

The alluring striker stated that people on the outside could not understand some things about football. He also said the problem was that when Xabi Alonso joined Real Madrid and then Javier Mascherano left for Barcelona, he could only see an opportunity when Chelsea opened the door for him.

He added, “I would like to return to Liverpool and be recognised. I only have gratitude towards the people, the club and everybody in Liverpool.”

Chelsea FC are currently at the fifth spot on the Barclays Premier League point table, thereby having 44 points, 13 points behind the chart leaders Manchester United.


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