Chelsea Paid 50 Million to Lose Everything

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Rickie Fowler

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  • Chelsea Paid 50 Million to Lose Everything

Chelsea paid an amazing record 50 million pounds transfer fee to bring Fernando Torres to Stamford Bridge in January transfer window. The transfer is one of the most back-fired transfers in the recent times and it seems like Chelsea paid 50 million for its own assassination.


Chelsea started their season campaign on high and scored a lot many goals from the very first game. Drogba, their star striker seemed to be in amazing form and goals came like rain for the blues. Just before the start of the season Carlos Ancelotti also joined the club from AC Milan and it seemed like things are working pretty well for him. Ancelotti came to Chelsea with a nice record and is regarded as one of best managers in the game. Not only that, all other players were finding it quite easy to find the back of the net and overall Chelsea was threat and a nightmare for every team.


Almost after a quarter of the season passed, Chelsea started crumbling. All of sudden, a team that appeared unbeatable, started looking ordinary and goals that came as rain, now became scarce. The blues found it really hard to keep the other teams away from its net and hence went to lose matches in a row that provided other teams with a hope to come back into the league fight.


The blame immediately fell on Chelsea strikers and it was thought as if they need a complete team renewal in terms of both players and strategy if they wished to find the old glorious days. Drogba, Malouda, Anelka and Kalou were all criticised for their below par performances.


Then came the January transfer window and Chelsea splashed cash to bring Torres to the club. Since then, Torres proved to be a flop for the blues and has yet to score his first goal for his new club. His arrival added to the misery of Chelsea. A player that was brought to end the goals drought has now become a liability that no one knows how to cater. Torres goal drought is not the only factor Spaniard had on the team, the effects of Torres are now sown in the very roots of Chelsea dressing room and it will be almost impossible for Ancelotti now to find a form that is expected out of this great team.


Arrival of Torres proved that Ancelotti has lost his trust in Drogba who is fundamental in Chelsea playing style. Not only did Ancelotti lost his player, he lost the complete dressing room, a dressing room where currently no one trust any player. His complete distrust in Drogba made things worse for other players in the team who actually played around Drogba for most of their career in Stamford Bridge. Furthermore, Torres himself proved to be an ordinary transfer that made things worse among the players. Both Drogba and Anelka went into disarray that meant that Chelsea now has no one to score up front.


Instead of bringing a striker in January at such high cost, it would have been ideal to show some respect to Drogba and Anelka at least for the current season. It was a major tactical error from Ancelotti that clearly reflects his frustration and lost hope. He must have backed up his players because the trouble the Chelsea was in was never due to lack of talent.


It’s all but over for Blues now and it seems that its time for Ancelotti to go as well.




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