Chelsea FC news: Frank Lampard's candid talk and Steven Pienaar

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Chelsea’s Frank Lampard opened up yesterday to reporters as he discussed about the Blues’ state of mind at this point in time. The influential midfielder settled to say the truth about his struggling team as he acknowledged that Chelsea players had indeed lost the vital feeling of belief in being successful on the pitch.

“At the moment, there is a bit of feeling that we aren’t sure of what is going to happen when we go out there,” Frank Lampard told The Sun.

“If we are honest, we all think that. That’s just the way it is. You can’t help that. It won’t change anyone’s determination to want to win, but you cannot help but feel it as we haven’t been winning.

“The end of Scolari’s reign was a bit like this,” the Chelsea play maker continued as he compared the team’s current situation to what they went through almost 2 years ago.

“You lose the feeling of being able to win every week. Once you’ve had that, and lose it, it’s hard to get it back.”

So what measures should Chelsea take as a solution to their unstoppable problems? Lampard revealed the answer based on his opinion:

“We need to work as hard as we can individually in training. We need to work in the same direction, follow the manager... and if we do, I believe it will return. If we don’t, it won’t.”

Chelsea have fallen from first in the English Premier League standings to fifth in the course of nearly three months. Victory on Saturday against Blackburn Rovers will help as a great boost to the Blues’ depressed team spirit and twisted campaign.


Meanwhile, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich – who publicly declared his support to Coach Ancelotti – has made funds available for the Italian boss to be active on the transfer market. Chelsea have lost their firepower upfront as goal have dried up with Didier Drogba coming in for criticism after his lacklustre performance in recent months partly due to malaria infection. t

There were reports on Friday that Carlo Ancelotti has thrown cat amongst the pigeons with a bid for the transfer of talented South African from Everton, whose contract with the Toffees is going to expiring at the end of this season and it is understood that he is interested in joining a team which can offer him Champions League football.

Spurs and Chelsea both meet his requirement as these two teams have qualified for the next round of UEFA Champions league. Ironically, the Blues are languishing in fifth spot just behind Spurs– which means that Champions League football for next season hasn’t been secured as of now.

There are unhappy supporters who are clearly bemused by the current loos of form by their team. Carlo Ancelotti is ready to fight it out with Harry Redknapp for the signature of Steven Pienaar instead of seeing him play for rivals Spurs who currently seat above the Blues in the English Premier League.

In this case, a sum of £ Three million as reported could be enough for Everton to allow Carlo Ancelotti to make a Chelsea transfer for Pienaar. In the meantime, the season continues for the Blues. They will play Blackburn Rovers this weekend at Stamford Bridge.


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